2019年 04月 17日

A one day guide to full body pampering at LANDMARK’s spas.

LANDMARK has for many years been recognised as the premier destination for luxury shopping, although you’ll be happy to know that the lifestyle destination also offers no shortage of spa and wellness options to recuperate from urban life. Here, we lay out the best way to make the most of them in one day.

11am: BEYORG Nº8 Organic Spa


Start your spa day by exorcising the city’s toxins from your body with the 90-minute Detox & Anti-Cellulite full body treatment, which incorporates a head-to-toe massage to stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage natural detoxication, reduce water retention, and ward off any incoming illness. Finish off with the 60-minute de Mamiel Pollution-Proof Facial treatment to unclog your pores with the help of Cleanse Release 10 technique, herbal compresses, and a qi-rejuvenation massage, leaving you cleansed and energised.

3pm: Suavislash Couture


Spruce up your eye power next by heading to Suavislash Couture, where a team of eyelash experts can tease your lashes into their most voluminous self. Choose from six styles, three densities, 7 degrees of curvature, and different lengths and thicknesses for a practically limitless range of lash extension options. Beginning with a questionnaire and an assessment of your eyelash condition, the stylist will then clean your eye area with eye masks before bonding the extensions to your natural lashes, ending with a blow dry. The whole process takes no more than two hours, although you’re free to doze off while the stylist does their work.

5pm: ii Alchemy Hair & Nail


Next, settle into ii Alchemy Hair & Nail’s ethereal interior for a trim in the capable hands of Herman Law and his well-trained team of hairstylists. Choose from a menu that includes colouring, perms, scalp and hair-loss treatments, as well as mani/pedi offerings for your male companion. The salon also has three VIP rooms for those seeking extra discretion, while an extensive food and drink menu will keep those buckling down for a more time-intensive treatment satiated.