2019年 07月 10日

Want to build the perfect sneaker collection? Here’s what you need to know about choosing trainers with investment potential.

As trainers have gone from basketball courts to street style staples to high fashion, they’ve taken on the role of status symbols – objets d’art to be coveted, preserved, traded and resold for lucrative returns.

And it’s a trend that’s poised to expand: In 2016, the global reseller market for sneakers reached estimated sales of US$1 billion, according to retail forecaster NPD. This year, data provided by a reputable resale platform valued it significantly higher, at US$6 billion.

But how does one venture into sneaker collecting? Self-proclaimed sneaker fanatics Josh and James Shorrock, founders of Hong Kong sneaker brand Lane Eight, explain what you should know before starting a sneaker collection:

  1. Resist the hype
    “Be wary of purchasing anything that’s being labeled as ‘the shoe of the moment,’” says James Shorrock. “Unless you’re trying to do a quick flip, it’s better to look at the broader trends in the market. A current cool factor is no guarantee that a sneaker will hold onto its value in the middle- and long-term.”

    “For instance, the Adidas Ultraboost had a really big moment a couple of years back, until the market eventually became saturated. Now, even their special edition versions are going for way less than their original peak season price.”

  2. Diversify your collection
    While big brands often make a statement and garner the most media attention, be sure to strike a balance of one-of-a-kind luxe editions and lesser-known brands with potential.

    “Historically, certain Nikes, like the Air Jordans, have seen huge demand and correspondingly high prices in the collectors’ market,” says Shorrock. “That being said, we’re now seeing consumers interested in a multitude of labels, so we wouldn’t necessarily stick to one brand.”

  3. Store them carefully
    Whether you’re collecting sneakers for your own fulfillment or you’re planning to resell them in the future, make sure to keep your shoes looking fresh. “Moisture and sunlight can be the death of shoes, so if you can, make sure you are storing yours in some sort of controlled climate,” says Shorrock.

    “Somewhere dark and dry should do. As a general rule, try shrink-wrap them and put them back in their box. Also, remember to keep all the original packaging. Receipts and proof of purchase can go a long way in assuring potential buyers that the sneakers they’re buying aren’t fakes – a very legitimate concern.”

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