Contemporary Chinese jewellery brand in the luxury retail market.

YEWN is a seed that was sown 5,000 years ago in China and it germinates each time Dickson Yewn, YEWN’s creative director, creates a wearable work of art. He uses sophisticated 21st-century craftsmanship to make exquisite jewels that remind us of the national treasures once produced by the imperial artisans. Fine jewellery that expresses the essence of traditional Chinese arts and culture has rarely been produced since the last days of Imperial China. YEWN has the vision to revive the finesse and sophistication of Chinese arts and culture. The name is a play on words – it is not only Dickson’s family name, but also a homonym of “affinity” and “luck” in Chinese. These meaningful and powerful concepts can now be found in all YEWN’s fine jewellery collections.

Lane Joaillier Fine Jewellery