Eye-catching and bold jewellery with an intricate elegance of design.

The brainchild of Elsa Cheung, Rocas Jewellery has been dazzling those in the know for a number of years as a private label. In mid-2008, the brand opened a dedicated store in LANDMARK PRINCE’S. As a result Rocas' superbly crafted jewellery is now adorning not only Hong Kong's socialites, tai tais, trendsetters and society doyennes, but also a growing international fan base of global jetsetters. ROCAS source high-quality diamonds, gems, natural pearls and jadeites from around the world. Customers can also have bespoke pieces made, perhaps from a unique inherited stone for example. To create irresistible unique works of art, ROCAS combines the finest materials with contemporary design and impeccable craftsmanship.

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Supreme Jewellery Co.