Reign Abalone provides South African abalone products of the highest quality. Its farming and processing operations are located in the beautiful coastal towns of Gansbaai and Hermanus. Our abalones are reared in the beautiful, pristine Walker Bay waters, with natural farming process, as well as our traditional processing techniques that ensure you the best quality, texture and flavour of abalones for a causal but refined taste experience. Reign abalone is reared in the Walker Bay waters without pollution, supported by 24-hour access to this pristine marine environment and the pump-ashore flow-through system. This enables the abalones have access to constant fresh seawater to keep them in optimum condition.

Our abalone is reared with as little interference as possible with farming methods that are completely natural. They are not given any growth hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals. We are committed to provide our abalone with the best possible environment to grow: sufficient space, water supply, feed and a clean and hygienic environment. Abalone is nutritious, containing high levels of protein that helps to nourish your skin, balance your blood pressure, enhance your liver and eyesight, relieve summer-heat etc. Reign Abalone is cooked in its own juice with Japanese advanced vacuum process technology, perfectly retained the natural flavor in the abalones. The ready-made Abalone can be served cold or hot for the nature taste of this unique delicacy. Else, it can also be served with a light dip of truffle Himalayan salt could even bring a succulent texture and subtle taste of sweetness, offering you a luxury indulgence.

The preparation ofabalone normally takes a day or more, with the motto “time is money”, it issimply a luxury that not many of us can afford. The common vacuum packingtechnology used by the instant food industry often leaves the food with adistorted taste, which leads to the addition of numerous food additives toenhance the taste. Whereas the advance vacuum packing technology from Japanand Germany employed by REIGN ABALONE can preserve the flavour effectively,allows you to appreciate the refined natural essence of abalone. Theoriginality extends to the ways of enjoying the abalone: Enjoy your REIGNABALONE straight from the pack for an unadulterated taste of abalone. Chill thewhole pack and let the bouncy jelly-like texture of collagen refreshes you witha tang. Reheat the whole pack to bring out the fragrant of the abalone essencefor a palatable feast. On top of that, REIGN ABALONE has paired abalone withother staples to allow you to appreciate the natural luxurious taste ofabalone, anytime anywhere.

According to the Chinese “Compendium ofMateria Medica”, abalone has the nurturing ability to re-establish the balancewithin our body, it is particularly good for our eyes and liver. Modern westernmedicine also revealed that abalone is a good source of protein with low fatcontent, it is also high in Omega 3, iodine and phosphorus. Omega 3’santi-inflammatory property can lower the risk of heart disease and arthritis.Iodine is instrumental in the normal functioning of our thyroid glands, whereasphosphorus is vital for our metabolism, especially the growth of bones andteeth. Preliminary studies have also shown that the abalone visceral extractcan disrupt the metabolism of malignant cells, thus abalone can be a nutritionalsupplement to people of all ages. Furthermore, in the preparation of theabalone, the abalone essence REIGN ABALONE uses is rich in collagen. Well-knownfor its ability to retain skin elasticity, collagen is also important for ourskeletal system. Inside every pack of REIGN ABALONE, the jelly-like substancesurrounding the abalone is actually congealed collagen, good to taste and goodfor your body.

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