Perpetuating the artistic and scientific tradition of Genevan watchmaking.

Patek Philippe at The Hour Glass in LANDMARK is more than a symbol of the Brand’s success.  It underlines a passion for the ultimate in horological artistry that has been responsible for setting Patek Philippe apart since 1839.

Incorporating the Patek Philippe Corner design concept, the LANDMARK boutique presents the latest watches of the legendary watchmaker.  As the last family-owned, independent watch manufacturer in Geneva, the Brand today continues to follow the vision of its founders, Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe, and enjoys boundless creative freedom to design, produce and assemble what experts agree to be the finest timepieces in the world.

The exceptional know-how and high level of craftsmanship is what enables Patek Philippe to maintain the tradition of innovation, which is hailed by an impressive repertoire of more than 80 patents.  With the shop at LANDMARK, the Brand will match this reputation and legacy through quality, passion and perfection. 

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