French luxury fashion house renowned for its exquisite floral prints and old world craftsmanship.

In 1958, Daniel Tribouillard established LEONARD FASHION, and set out to differentiate his brand in the world of haute couture. In 1960, he launched a revolutionary new process for printing English weaves. His clients were won over and the bold young man was applauded across the globe. In just a few years, encouraged by the success of his much-loved floral prints, Tribouillard expanded the LEONARD brand onto the world stage - in 1968, Tribouillard presented his first collection of printed silk jersey dresses with a slogan emphasizing the lightness of the fabric: “The Leonard Dress: 150g of happiness”. In 1983 he was commissioned by the Japanese government to update the kimono, the first westerner to do so in history. In 2007, the LEONARD brand was awarded the title “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company).