Nail & Lifestyle all in one

EightyEight is a whimsical and stylish beauty space featuring a full range menu of nailtreatments from basic manicures and pedicures, nail extensions to both chic seasonal and classic designs.

Founded in 2014, we scouted nail techs all over Hong Kong to create nail-art designs that simply will awe all audience. Our high concept mani / pedi studio can decorate digits with everything from Reverse French Manicure to Galaxy nails, Chrome finish to Sailor Moon prints. The process for 3-D nail art can take nearly 90 minutes to complete, but the results last up to three weeks without chipping, thanks our sturdy and top Japanese gel brands such as Ace gel, Leaf gel, Vetro etc. We also carry American gel brands such as Gelish, CND or OPI. A host of smart touches (complimentary beverages, iPhone charging stations, blankets and throws) our salon quickly makes each and every guest feel like they at home. EightyEight is the perfect place for indulgence and relaxation.

In collaboration with - Our Landmark pop up is a one stop beauty & lifestyle store. Every piece of artwork in store is beautifully curated, making the whole space look like an art gallery. The best part is, every piece in the salon is actually for sale - the candle on the nail polish display, the cardholder with our business cards at the reception, the cushion our customers are leaning idly on while getting their nails done, even the bookshelf carrying our nail magazines.

Without a doubt, our pop up store not only provides beauty, entertainment and relaxation.

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