Unique original painting and sculpture gallery experience

With 15 years of experience, Carré d’artistes has broken down the rigid barriers of fine art by creating a new concept of painting and sculpture galleries that are accessible to everyone.

With an international network of 40 galleries in France and across the globe, the Carré d’artistes concept has truly become a global phenomenon. Offering a large variety of artworks, Carré d’artistes’ relationship with artists remains at the core.

Representing and promoting over 600 artists today, the Carré d’artistes team is dedicated to accompanying them in their professional development and careers.

Given the space to truly hone in on their craft, the artists create pieces showcasing their inspiration and varying techniques. Each artwork is then exhibited in major cities across the world and prices are fixed according the sizing and format of the work.

Indigo Living
Common Room
Altfield Gallery