French fashion label built on rigorous standards and unrivalled expertise.

BONPOINT, the French fashion house for children, provides inspired collections for head-to-toe clothing, specialised fabrication and beautifully designed shop windows. Bonpoint's in-house design and couture studios are the essence of the label's unique style. Christine Innamorato heads up a dedicated team of talented ladies who share twin passions for children and fashion. Innamorato's designs are brought to life at the label's couture studio in Paris. A Bonpoint garment is an authentic one-of-a-kind piece. The signature detailing can be seen in no less than six stitches to the centimetre, wide hems that give perfect drape to party dresses, fully-lined garments for uncompromising comfort, hand-embroidery, rolled and invisible hems, hand-stitched biases, patchwork assembled to the millimetre and authentic Calais lace.