Healthy Eating Choices at LANDMARK!

OCT 31, 2016
The desire for healthy and nutritious products that are also environmentally friendly is inspiring entrepreneurs to come up with innovative concepts.

Plant-based concept store Green Common has opened its first ever café in Hong Kong at LANDMARK, providing fusion meal choices and a green-to-go section of salads, sandwiches, non-dairy beverages and cold-pressed juices, as well as body care and household products. A one-stop destination for green foodies.
Freshly prepared signature dish – RainBOWL at Green Common.

The mission of new organic café Catch Juicery is to provide Hong Kong people with healthy, organic and nutritious food and juices. The highlights are its delicious cold-pressed juices, made using seasonal fresh produce that is certified organic.
Catch Juicery’s famous beet the heat cold-pressed juice.

The Cakery is a new local-born concept that caters to health-conscious people with a sweet tooth. Its fine baked goods use nutrient-rich ingredients, and it includes a wide assortment of gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free recipes, and carries eight flavours of cupcakes

To enjoy a green and healthy lifestyle, look no further than LANDMARK, where you have everything you need to be truly eco-friendly.
Double Date Cupcake available this fall at The Cakery.