During Art Month in Hong Kong, LANDMARK presents the Nature in Motion exhibition – a symbol of the interplay of nature, art, and style as two artworks enter into dialogue.


From 26th March – 14th April, The Shapes of Water by Sabine Marcelis for FENDI presents 10 key symbols of the house of FENDI, cast as fountains. The work intersects with Meadow by Studio Drift, a constantly shifting inverted flower meadow. The two installations combine to celebrate the power of nature in the heart of LANDMARK.

The Shapes of Water

The Shapes of Water by Sabine Marcelis is one of two pieces of work that are showcased in this Nature in Motion exhibition. In The Shapes of Water, Sabine Marcelis dedicates to rediscover one of the elements that FENDI cherishes most: water. Using water as a design tool, the designer magnifies its delicate beauty by realizing ten fountains inspired by ten of the most iconic symbols of the historical roman house.


The artwork "Meadow" by Studio Drift is the second piece to be showcased in the Nature in Motion exhibition. Meadow is a piece that draws inspiration from the relationship between nature and technology. This kinetic sculpture is like “an upside down landscape” consisting of mechanical flowers that open and close in a poetic choreography to remind the viewer of the impermanence of constantly changing seasons and sensational character of natural growth processes.