Refreshing New Pours

MAY 24, 2018

Cheers to these creative cocktails at LANDMARK.

Forget classic cocktails and predictable prosecco. From Mak Mak and China Tang to Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour, we’re celebrating original cocktails from a few of the city’s top bartenders.

Cold-pressed concoctions

Beloved for its retro-inspired interiors and upscale Thai cuisine, Mak Mak serves up quality cocktails that are perfect for after-work catch ups. This summer, head bartender James Barker introduced a new series of innovative cocktails — each made with craft spirits, cold-pressed juices and housemade infusions.

Rum lovers will likely gravitate towards the Three Lucky Leaves, which features a balanced blend of Nusa Cana rum, Thai basil, shiso, jasmine, mint, lime, and soda. Likewise, the Hummingbird is a beautiful mix of Tanqueray London Dry gin, pink grapefruit, soda and a floral honey infusion that’s been crafted in-house. For something a little more spirit forward, James recommends the Underneath the Mango Tree — think Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky, mango, lime, ginger, and aromatic bitters. Better yet, JIA Group does not use any plastic straws as a company policy, which means a trip to Mak Mak is a sustainable way to spend an evening.

Find your way to Mak Mak for aromatic Thai cuisine and next-level cocktails.


Doctor’s orders

Hidden away in the basement of the LANDMARK mall, speakeasy-style Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is just what the doctor ordered. Inspired by an imaginary physician who studies substances derived from plants, the apothecary-inspired bar is all decked out in botanical wallpaper. Even the servers are part of the theme, donning white lab coats as they deliver gin-fueled “antidotes” in tall, thin vials.

In this eccentric subterranean world, you’ll find more than 250 types of gin — including floral G’Vine gin or the rare Blind Tiger Gin from Belgium — and an ever-evolving menu of seasonal cocktails, made with local and organic ingredients. But there’s a surprise in store too: The “Doctor’s Prescription” cocktail is a bespoke experience that the bartender will craft just for you based on your mood and preference. You can request a specific gin, whether that be the floral G’Vine gin or the rare Blind Tiger Gin from Belgium.

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is home to a library of more than 300 types of gin, including rare Blind Tiger.


Next-level libations

A favorite spot for date night and after-work drinks, China Tang is a haven for cocktail lovers — expect sumptuous surrounds, excellent Chinese food and high-quality cocktails. With summer approaching, the bar introduced a series of seasonal drinks that feature innovative techniques and leafy herbs.

For a fresh twist on a classic whisky sour, the Ruby Sour is made with bourbon, Roselle tea, fresh lemon juice, honey and then garnished with marinated Roselle and a lemon peel. And for those looking for a little more punch, the Purple Sangria should do the trick. This white wine and gin concoction is a twist on tradition. Expect interesting infusions, such as homemade butterfly pea tea, blueberries, apples, and oranges for a crisp, refreshing flavour that’s perfect for summer.

The Ruby Sour tastes as good as it looks, thanks to a perfect balance of bourbon and crimson Roselle tea, available at China Tang, LANDMARK.


Honey, honey

At 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA, tipplers will delight in an innovative cocktail menu designed by bar manager Devender Kumar. The industry veteran combines intricate techniques, fresh ingredients and hand-cut ice cubes in each of his perfect pours.

On the menu? Try the signature Pocket Square. The creative drink will surprise tipplers with its Hennessy VSOP cognac base, as the French spirit is rarely used to make cocktails. The unique, bold flavour is smooth on the palate, thanks to careful proportions and homemade infusions, such as ginger syrup and delicate honey water. To make the honey water, Devender uses a 3:1 ratio in order to dilute the honey and achieve an optimal consistency.

“The honey water plays an important role in this recipe, giving a round yet soft sweetness to the cocktail. Not only does it provide a smoother mouthfeel, but also makes the length of the drink longer,” says Devender. “The sweet and sour balance [from the lime] also contributes to the refreshing element in the drink. This makes it a popular choice for both male and female customers.”

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA serves up homemade flavours in The Pocket Square.