MAR 10, 2020

See the world of luxury travel through the eyes of Ramesh Nair, the Creative Director of Moynat.

Few brands are emblematic of an era – or an experience – as Moynat. Founded in Paris in 1849, the luxury luggage expert has long been synonymous with first-class travel, having debuted in the same era as the French railway system and the world’s first trans-Atlantic cruise ships.

As modes and styles of travel changed over the past two centuries, Moynat has evolved in tandem, crafting beautiful trunks and handbags that celebrate the old-world romance of travel in fresh new ways.

At the helm is Artistic Director Ramesh Nair, who’s been injecting new energy into the brand since 2011. Last January, the maison unveiled its first VIP Salon at LANDMARK. The glamorous new space is the world’s first and only boutique worldwide designated to exotic trunks and handbags, including the Loulou Evening bag, the Limousine collection, and the Mini Vanity Diligence.

As part of the luxurious experience, Moynat offers superlative personalisation services, such as hot stamping and hand-painted details, as well as bespoke commission to bring your own ideas to life.

Fresh from his visit to Hong Kong for the opening, globetrotting designer Ramesh Nair talks heritage, craftsmanship and the latest trends in luxury travel:

Ramesh Nair, Artistic Director of Moynat.

Luxury travel evolves year after year. What trends have informed your latest designs?

Ramesh Nair: As is the case today, in the past too there were restrictions on luggage regarding weight and the number of bags you could travel with. This is why Moynat invented the lightweight trunks that made it so famous. This trend has continued, driving the need for luggage that is more and more functional.

The emphasis today is on security, traceability (tracking your luggage as you travel), the ease of manipulation (wheels, smoothness of movement) and ergonomic design. It is also about making a statement with what you carry – both luggage and bags. Our current collections reflect all of that. We are also increasingly known for our travel accessories, thanks to Instagrammable moments that travelers share on social media.

As the creative director of a heritage brand, how do you incorporate modern touches?

RM: Collaborations bring a touch of freshness, something that is limited in duration and allows us to explore new ideas, materials or techniques. For instance, we did a collection with Japanese artist Taro Miura, which enabled us to showcase our emblematic technique of leather marquetry coupled with Miura-san’s playful motifs – not necessarily part of the permanent vocabulary of Moynat.

The collaboration with Korean artist Lee Wan also pushed the limits of our creative and artisanal virtuosity, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are works of art in their own right.

Moynat partnered with Korean artist Lee Wan to create the Mini Vanity Diligence.

Who’s behind the design of the new Moynat VIP Salon?

RM: I always give my inputs for store interiors, but French designer Gwenael Nicolas and his Tokyo-based studio Curiosity are the masterminds behind the design. They have worked closely with Moynat on store interiors since the beginning.

We try to have a consistent story across our boutiques while integrating the unique personality of each location. The LANDMARK extension is vibrant, out of the ordinary, intimate. At the same time, it maintains the distinguished identity of the house.

Vibrant and intimate: Inside Moynat’s first-ever VIP Salon.

Let’s talk bags! What’s the story behind the Loulou Evening bag?

RM: The creation of the Loulou started when I saw the handle on a vintage Moynat trunk. This is what gave me the starting idea for the closure. All the metallic pieces including the D-ring are specially designed to enhance this closure.

I wanted to create an easy, everyday shoulder bag with a strong personality thanks to the unique closure and the exceptional make of the bag. If you examine the bag, you will see that the front and back are cut from a single skin and the same goes for the gusset. The subtle convex curve of the two faces is truly an artisanal triumph.

Where would you take it on holiday?

RM: When I designed the Loulou, I imagined a miniature adventurer’s bag. So I’d take it Machu Picchu in Peru or on a safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya!

The Loulou Evening bag is exclusively available at LANDMARK.

The Limousine collection is also new. Which destinations did you have in mind when you designed it? And why?

RM: The Limousine collection was born of a desire to take a heritage Moynat trunk and adapt it to modern lifestyles. So, the curved base, designed to fit on the curved limousine roof, was reimagined to be carried easily by the wearer and the base was adapted to curve around the wearer’s legs while walking.

For me, the Limousine collection is really an urban carrier, perfect for city life on the move. It can double as a mobile office, fitting snugly on your knees and allowing you to work on a laptop or tablet, in a moving car, train or plane! The distinctive shape and curved base means that it is instantly recognizable and unique Moynat artisanal craftsmanship ensures its aristocratic lineage and confers it with inimitable elegance.

Finish this sentence: The Limousine bag is perfect for...

RM: Day trippin’!

Get inspired for your next adventure: Moynat, Shop G12, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 2596 0555