MAR 11, 2020

This year, it’s all about eating better for your health and the planet. Ready to dig in?

Last year, we saw the unstoppable rise of Instagram-fueled food trends: Charcoal buns garnered double-taps for days, as did bright green celery juices, oozy egg yolks, and appetising Aperol spritzes.

But dining movements in 2020 are less about likes and more about commitments that matter. By incorporating sustainable, healthy dishes into your diet – be that gut-friendly ingredients, meat-free alternatives or low-sugar treats – you’ll not only curb your impact on the environment but also see a big boost in your personal well being.

To pique your appetite, we’ve curated a few of the most delectable food trends for 2020 – and where you can taste-test them at LANDMARK.

1. Gut-friendly drinks: You are what you eat

Your gut will love Le Jus’s healthy smoothies.

A healthy gut can go a long way when it comes to improving your mood, immune system, and digestion. That’s why people are increasingly gravitating towards foods and drinks that contain prebiotics and probiotics, which support healthy gut bacteria. In addition to kombucha, kefir, and kimchi, one of the most enjoyable ways to improve gut health (and increase your protein intake) is with creamy probiotic-rich yogurts enjoyed in superfood bowls or smoothies.

Taste the trend: Health-conscious juice bar Le Jus stirs up digestive-boosting smoothies made with Greek yogurt, protein and fibre-rich fruits. Basically the 2020 breakfast of champions, the Hit the Gym smoothie is made with whey protein, avocado and banana, while Road Runner stars luscious mango and banana, and the Energy Booster has a fierce colour and flavour thanks to red dragon fruit.

Try it: Le Jus, Shop 114, 1/F, LANDMARK CHATER, 6257 0027

2. Meatless alternatives: The plant-based revolution continues

YTry the Unlimeat Satay Beefless Toast, available at Green Common.

Gone are the days when ‘vegetarian’ dining equated to plain lettuce salads. The alt-meat movement will continue its momentum this year, offering more meatless possibilities than ever. Veggie dumplings, vegan burgers, fancy salads and Buddha bowls... plant-based options are becoming must-haves on restaurant menus everywhere.

Taste the trend: A pioneer of plant-based dining in Hong Kong, Green Common knows a thing or two about tasty vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The health-conscious cafe recently launched two new items, the Unlimeat Satay Beefless Toast, which features Unlimeat from Korea; and the SING Chicki Laksa, with Heura soy-based chicken. Both dishes are 100 per cent meat-free and 200 per cent delicious.

Try it: Green Common, Shop B2, B/F, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, 3582 4463

3. Nonalcoholic libations: Not your average mocktails

The fruity Berry Beauty at Zuma is alcohol-free and full of antioxidants.

This year, the best after-work drinks won’t lead to a hangover. Around the world, a rapidly emerging breed of alcohol-free spirits, such as Seedlip nonalcoholic gin and Fre wines, will no doubt become even more dynamic and enticing throughout 2020.

Taste the trend: Embracing the zero-alcohol trend with aplomb, Zuma recently launched two new alcohol-free Shinzui cleansers called Berry Beauty and Yoshi Nura. The refreshing aperitifs feature punchy ginger as the main ingredient, and have been designed to simultaneously boost your immune system and warm up your palate.

Try it: Zuma, Shop 501-503, 5/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 3657 6388

4. Flexitarian diets: The best of both worlds

Savour Amber’s toothfish and bone marrow on your flexy days.

With increasing awareness of the environmental impact of commercial meat consumption, flexitarians are on the rise. As the name suggests, this flexible diet style calls for mostly vegetarian meals, albeit with the occasional allowance for a big, juicy steak or an omakase sushi experience, as long as it’s ethically produced and sustainably sourced.

Taste the trend: For a premium flexitarian experience, Amber ticks all the boxes. Among the many responsibly, locally and organically sourced dishes on this season’s menu, try the light and delicate toothfish which comes with bone marrow, red onion, King George mushrooms, and a Pinot Noir reduction sauce.

Try it: Amber, 7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, LANDMARK, 2132 0066

5. Low-sugar desserts: Guilt-free indulgences

Treat yourself to La Maison du Chocolat’s new Expert Bars.

Life without sugar – or, at least, less of it – has helped many people manage their weight, improve overall health, and elevate their mood. But instantly erasing sugar from your lexicon, let alone your diet isn’t realistic for most people. Instead, phase it out gradually by choosing sweets that are relatively lower in sugar, such as natural dark chocolate which has been found to reduce glucose levels and blood pressure.

Taste the trend: La Maison du Chocolat just launched Expert Bars, a selection of six premium chocolate bars that contain 5-20 per cent less sugar content when compared with the brand’s other products. Using cacao from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Brazil, Mexico and Madagascar, each bar is beautifully packaged and labeled based on your cravings. For bitter, roasted notes, reach for the Noir Mexique; for fruity and spicy, single-origin Noir Madagascar, and for something powerful and intense, the single-origin Noir Robuste.

Try it: La Maison du Chocolat, Shop 114, 1/F, LANDMARK PRINCE'S, 2801 4122

6. Premium comfort food: Quality over quantity

Go gourmet with a new Hot for Dogs flavours at Morty’s Delicatessen.

Let ‘quality over quantity’ be your food mantra for the rest of the year. If you can’t give up fast food or meat entirely, treat yourself to gourmet choices on cheat days. So far this year, an influx of high-end burger joints, delicatessens and refined gastropubs has set a new benchmark for fast food – one that doesn’t sacrifice provenance for convenience.

Taste the trend: Sate your meat cravings at Morty’s Delicatessen where you’ll find more sophisticated, smarter versions of your favourite indulgences such as melty, cheesy poutine and hearty Reubens. Until the end of March, the restaurant and takeaway deli counter will offer three new “Hot for Dogs” gourmet hot dogs: the Chili, Guacamole, and Wasabi. Made from 100 per cent US beef sausage, each arrives piled high with fresh, flavourful ingredients.

Try it: Morty’s Delicatessen, Shop 12-14, LG/F, Jardine House, 3665 0900