Fred Pinel reinterprets the luxury code

MAR 29, 2018

Experience a new perspective on classic trunk-making with the revolutionary Pinel et Pinel at LANDMARK MEN

Whilst many luxury brands loudly proclaim their centuries-old heritage from the rooftops, relative newcomer Pinel et Pinel is determined to do things differently – a liberating attitude that comes direct from their founder, Fred Pinel.

As one of the youngest French brands producing contemporary trunks and high-end leather goods, Pinel et Pinel is renowned for its unusual, offbeat and unique approach to the luxury scene – which Hong Kong customers can now discover for themselves in-person at their stunning new boutique in LANDMARK MEN.

“Pinel et Pinel reinterprets the luxury code with great impertinence, with a mix of high tech design and refined colours and fabrics,” Pinel says. His fascination with trunks began with the beautiful leather suitcases he discovered in his grandparents’ attic; after an uninspiring spell at a London advertising agency, he found himself again drawn to the artistry of bags in the ‘90s, swiftly developing a stellar reputation for crafting crocodile skin cigar cases in 157 different colours. He also began to notice an increasing demand for vintage trunks at flea markets – but there hadn’t been a new brand of luxury trunks born in France for over a century… which is exactly where Pinel et Pinel stepped in.

When asked what sets his brand apart, Pinel answers: “Pinel et Pinel’s uniqueness comes from its creations’ contemporary character. We answer all custom-made requests, whether it is for a bag, a trunk or even interior design pieces.” All Pinel et Pinel creations are handmade at their 1400 square-metre ‘Factory’ workshop in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement. It’s here that quality raw materials become works of art at the hands of Pinel’s talented team of artisans, who work on embossing, volume, texture and transformation in painstaking detail – with a single piece taking up to 1300 hours to complete.

“The idea of a Hong Kong based Pinel et Pinel boutique came from a desire to get closer to our Asia clientele,” explains Pinel. “We will soon be selling new items at the LANDMARK MEN store like a Tea Trunk and Mahjong Trunk, which are adapted to the local culture while preserving our brand’s identity and outstanding know-how.” That know-how regularly manifests itself in Pinel’s ‘outside the box’ designs; for example, in attaching wheels to his trunks for extra convenience, or the brand’s other innovative creations like the DJ Trunk, which enables music-lovers to mix straight from their living room, and the Arcade Trunk, which is designed to house arcade games from the 80s. Nevertheless, this spirit of innovation is always underpinned by Pinel et Pinel’s raison d’etre, “Être belle, c’est merveilleux. Être belle et utile, c’est encore mieux” (“It’s wonderful being beautiful. But being beautiful and useful is even better”).

In combining his brand’s unashamedly modern aesthetic with the craftsmanship and deep-seated heritage of trunk-making, Pinel has created a contemporary brand that is sure to endure – both usefully and beautifully.

Telephone: (852) 2264 0611 or 2264 0711
Monday – Saturday: 10.30am-7.30pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm