Daring Designs at CODELAB

JUL 01, 2018

Colourful, inspiring, innovative… CODELAB's limited-edition products are designed to blow your mind. Ambassador and fashion influencer Bryanboy checks out a few of the coolest new gadgets, gifts and art.


A pioneering new retail experience at LANDMARK, CODELAB goes "Beyond the Limits" to explore dramatic designs, cutting-edge innovation, and limited-edition artwork. Unlike any other store in Hong Kong, CODELAB is where originality and creativity know no boundaries.

Within the high-voltage new space, you'll get lost in head-turning decor and eye-opening artwork around every turn. One minute you'll admire whimsical sculptures; the next, meticulously crafted glassware and next-generation electronics.

Another pioneering part of the experience is the offline-online system. Essentially, CODELAB acts like a showroom, where you can see and touch all of the inspiring products before making a decision. From there, an online transaction makes life much easier.

Instead of standing in line and waiting to check out, you just have to scan the product's QR code with your phone to add it to your online shopping basket. And the ultimate luxury? Time. Instead of pulling the trigger right away, you can mull over each purchase for up to 12 hours. When you're ready, simply check out online and choose in-store pickup or home delivery for added convenience.

In store, shutterbugs will gravitate toward the Leica's Q Silver camera, which is made with real leather and lightweight aluminium. The WiFi- and video-enabled camera is incredibly fast, making it ideal for street photography and evening shots.

Take the new Leica Q Silver on your next holiday.


Trailblazers may want to check out the completely custom Passoni bikes. Ideal for serious racers and enthusiasts alike, these feather-light beauties are made with a mix of carbon and titanium and designed for high performance.

After ordering, the fun begins: During a private session, a consultant will take your measurements, engineer the bike to your riding habits, and personalise the paint design. From there, expect about three months for production and deliver. Don't need an entire bike? You can order piece by piece, be it the Passoni frameset or the Gokiso road climber wheels.

Design the Passoni bike of your dreams at CODELAB.


Meanwhile, to bring a little street style into your home, the limited-edition Jean-Michel Basquiat Skull Screen-Printed Skateboard should do the trick. It's a green choice, too: Belgium-based SKATEROOM crafts each unique piece using sustainable Canadian Maple wood.

Head to CODELAB to discover limited-edition artwork from The Skateroom. Each work is screen-printed with designs by Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Embracing hygge this year? CODELAB also offers limited-edition candles from the Andrej Urem Collection. The New York-based candle artist produces all it products using eco-friendly soy wax that's specially created with a mix of palm and beeswax (for added firmness).

The result is unique to say the least, with avant-garde shapes ranging from bulbous formations to honeycomb-like towers. But the most amazing thing about these candles is the way they the flame burns. Thanks to an innovative internal column, the artistic sides remain intact for up to 200 hours of burn time.

Part of the Andrej Urem Collection, the Molecule Candle (centre) takes inspiration from chemistry and architecture.


Whether you're shopping for accessories or gifts, CODELAB is the perfect place to make new discoveries. From limited-edition art to trailblazing decor, every visit will inspire you to blaze a new trail. Visit CODELAB (2/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM) to see for yourself.

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