Streetwear for the Enlightened

JAN 15, 2018

Sometimes in life there are timely encounters that at first appear to be coincidence, but later reveal themselves as more profound. This is the case for Advisory Board Crystal (Abc.) founders, Remington Guest and Heather Haber, who first met in an Uber pool-ride and then ran into each other at an event later that night. Whether destiny or serendipity, the couple have since created a hugely popular streetwear label fashioned on their mutual love of crystals, which is visualised and ingrained in their clothing through colourful tie-dye.

You can discover a selection of the brand’s hand-dyed garments at a pop-up installation titled Failed Fantasies curated by HBX – the e-commerce arm of HYPEBEAST, a global youth-centred digital platform for culture and fashion – at LANDMARK.

Failed Fantasies showcases Abc’s. crystal-infusion process on range of spiritually enlightened T-shirts and hoodies. There are also utilitarian pieces equipped with multi-purpose pockets, a variation of bags and camouflage jackets. Exclusive branding and visual references merge Hong Kong and L.A to bring Abc.’s design ethos into the fold.

The concept of the pop-up is a utilitarian and brutalist space, replete with crystal beads and framed garments suspended above a black mirror that form a 360-degree centrepiece that can be viewed from any angle. Teamed with a carefully selected soundtrack, the space is immersive and ethereal.