LANDMARK’s ‘A Year of Play ‘celebration brings you an exciting collaboration with contemporary artist Dennis Chan, who will be exhibiting his iconic HAHA PANDA art pieces in the city for the first time at LANDMARK ATRIUM and LANDMARK PRINCE’S from 10th to 24th May.

Under the theme “Harmony in Play”, the series of HAHA PANDA art pieces at the LANDMARK has something for everyone to delight this May – a HAHA PANDA exhibition featuring some of Chan’s most memorable designs, exclusive HAHA PANDA merchandises as well as a specially-customised tea set at CAFE LANDMARK.

The series highlights three quintessential ideas under the theme:

Money vs. Happiness

Material wealth can buy a lot, but does it truly buy joy? OR What’s happiness without a sense of balance?

Me vs. The world?

Does individuality mean always putting yourself first?  OR We've entered a global age. How can we fit in?


Harmony vs. Disruption

Should your edges be smooth, your approach gentle and fluid? OR Does everything has to be black and white?