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Style with Attitude from Hilary Tsui

LANDMARK celebrates unique individuality with style icon Hilary Tsui who is known for her distinctive style and bold originality. A leader and never a follower of fashion, she dresses to set the standard.

Icon of Style and Self-Assurance

Hilary Tsui exudes style and individuality. She also radiates confidence. Discover what this admired powerhouse has to say about fashion, self expression and being true to yourself.

How do you define style?
My definition of style is all about letting individuality shine; channelling your inner muse and dressing to express yourself. It’s about being confident in self expression – because style speaks directly about you. Everybody is different and we’re all individual, so there’s really no need to follow trends.  Just be yourself.

How do you feel about people referring to you as a fashionista or trendsetter?
I don’t really care about that kind of terminology. I’m just true to myself and feel happy with how I dress every day. If that can inspire others to be bold, expressive and enjoy life then that’s a bonus!          

What does ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ mean to you personally?
I’m passionate about fashion as it’s the way I express myself. Chefs express themselves through food. I express myself through style. And my style is an attitude – an attitude that shows my personality and creativity. I am adventurous in fashion; I love to try new things by mixing not only colours but also textures and materials. That’s how I create my own personal style.

Could you share any tips and suggestions on how to dress well?
Confidence is important. Don’t be shy about wearing colours if they help you to express yourself. It’s really important to be true to yourself – and to wear what’s comfortable! 

Is beauty style or something else?
True beauty comes from within. But let’s face it, every women wants to look beautiful! And you are beautiful by being passionate about life and living a healthy lifestyle. Your style will come through being brave about self expression. This will give you confidence – and confidence is beauty because it radiates from your inner self.  Personally, I feel the most beautiful when I cross the finish line in a marathon.