Relax and unwind at LANDMARK

AUG 22, 2018

Find new ways to relax, unwind, and enjoy your free time at boutiques like Indigo Living, Bed & Bath and DG Lifestyle.

In busy Hong Kong, it’s easy to get carried away with the daily grind and forget to squeeze out time for self-care, nature, family, and socialising. We asked a few founders and managers at LANDMARK shops how they practice the ‘Art of Living’. From relaxing with a beautiful glass of wine to playing games with their kids after work, here’s how these go-getters find balance in their lives.


Live for shared experiences

Indigo Living CEO Tracy Fitzpatrick shares her insights on how to stay healthy and happy, no matter how demanding works get.

How do you keep your balance when it comes to work and life?

Tracy Fitzpatrick: The most important thing about maintaining a work-life balance is to ensure that you remain a centred and happy person who has a positive impact on those around them. I do this by ensuring that I get out into nature. I like to head outdoors and go running or hiking, as it helps my mind to process all the hundreds of things I have to do.

What is most important to you in life, and why?

Fitzpatrick: My family, my friends and the people I work with. What is life if not being able to create special moments with those around you? At Indigo Living, we talk about the desire to Live Beautifully. It’s about creating a positive impact on the world around us, choosing quality over quantity and creating and valuing the moments that matter with those you love.

Any personal tips for relaxation?

Fitzpatrick: Great food goes a long way with me! I love cooking and it’s a great way for me to switch off after work. I don’t get to do it often, so for me it’s a luxury to be able to make dinner with my husband, listen to some great music and enjoy a lovely glass of wine. For a relaxing evening, I’d recommend a fantastic bottle of bubbly, along with Indigo Living’s Longchamp wine glasses and a comfy Mac three-seat sofa — it’s a match made in heaven!

Share special moments with family and friends with Indigo Living’s SS18 collection, which includes Elemental Cutlery, gorgeous Longchamp wine glasses, and contemporary Mac furniture.


It’s family time

Arti Mirchandani, co-founder of Bookazine, says spending time with family tops her list as the most important thing in life. Here’s how she savours this important time.

How do you master the Art of Living?

Arti Mirchandani: For me, the most important thing is to switch off when you leave the office and not bring work home. I have now made it a rule to not check my email after I leave the office on Friday, till Monday morning so I can spend quality time with my daughter. On a Sunday morning, we turn the music up and dance. It's not only a good workout but also a lot of fun.

Any relaxation routines that work for you?

Mirchandani: I love reading and I try and read a little every night before bed. I just finished reading Ghosted from Bookazine, by debut author Rosie Walsh, and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end of the week, I enjoy sharing a glass of wine with friends and I always take some delicious craft chocolate to share with them from Sweet World. There is such a massive range of chocolate that is actually good for you to eat and I love sharing these with my friends. My current favourite is Kaakao, which is made in Switzerland and is a completely vegan, organic and sugar free — it still tastes great.

Often on the weekend, we'll do a family night where we will play a game from Bookazine. We love Weird Dough — it’s like Pictionary, but instead of drawing, you have to mould things out of dough — and Ding It, which is a rapid-fire quiz game.

Relax with artisan chocolate, a new book, and family-friendly games at Bookazine.


Wind down at home

Bed & Bath’s marketing director Adah Chan, whose mother is the shop’s founder, knows when it’s time to log off. She shares her insights and tips on how to relax at home.

What is most important to you in life?

Chan: Definitely family. I think I've learned the most from my family — notably, my mother, who nurtured me in her business and in life. I really hope I can pass on all her wisdom to my children. As a family, we spend as much time with nature as we can. We love growing our own vegetables, hiking, fishing. It's really nurturing especially for my two young boys.

What do you do to unwind solo?

Chan: I do yoga as often as I can. I find that it relaxes both my mind and my body, and really gives me headspace. This 'me time' is key and I always leave yoga feeling much calmer. When I travel, I always take time to stroll through local boutiques to find small objects that 'complete' our store. I've recently stumbled upon some stunning handcrafted vases in London, from Utopia & Utility, that are made of cork, wood, metal and beautiful blown glass.

Any other secrets to living a healthier life?

Chan: Enhancing life for me naturally means enhancing sleep! I love winding down at home, in my Schramm bed. Honestly, I've never slept on anything better. I feel completely relaxed, especially when combined with my Christian Fischbacher Swiss sheets — it's like sleeping on super soft clouds!

For a healthier life, ensure high-quality sleep with Christian Fischbacher Swiss sheets from Bed & Bath.


Health is wealth

We caught up with DG Lifestyle’s Amy Yuen, who shared her insider tips on how tech can improve your wellness.

How do you maintain a sense of wellness?

Amy Yuen: Health is life. If you aren’t healthy, you will have bigger problems — losing time with work and loved ones. To track your fitness, I’d recommend the water-resistant Fitbit Ionic. It looks slick and also features a watch, personal coaching, GPS, heart rate monitor, and access to exclusive adidas workouts.

How do you unwind after work?

Yuen: Right now, I am in love with the Breo iNeck 2, iSee4 and iScalp massagers. They are magical — the ultimate relaxation package. Essentially, they use air pressure, heat therapy and acupoints vibration to deliver messages to target areas like your head and neck, which can often feel stressed from working at a computer.

Try the Breo iNeck 2, iSee4 and iScalp massagers for ultimate relaxation at home or take control of your fitness with a new Fitbit Ionic.