Master the Art of Living

AUG 22, 2018

Make the most of your free time with tips from Town House, Bookazine, Bed & Bath, and more.

In busy Hong Kong, it’s easy to get carried away with the daily grind and forget to squeeze out time for self-care, nature, family, and socialising. We asked a few founders and managers at LANDMARK shops how they practice the ‘Art of Living’. From relaxing with a beautiful glass of wine to playing games with their kids after work, here’s how these go-getters find balance in their lives.


Never stop learning

Town House Managing Director Ravi Gidumal provides his top tips for finding fulfillment in life.

What’s your best advice for overworked Hongkongers?

Ravi Gidumal: Do not live at work! I am constantly trying to ensure that senior team members leave work on time and spend the rest of their time enjoying life. If we work smart and learn to be efficient, creating a good work-life balance is much easier.

How do you find fulfillment and balance?

Gidumal: I find other things in life that drive and motivate me. For example, I get a lot of positivity from spending time with my children, they help energise me. Exercise is also very important to me and starting my day with a swim or hike is the perfect way to start my day.

How do you master the art of living?

Gidumal: By learning. My view is that a key to success at this stage in my life is to learn to listen. My life is enhanced by learning more about wine and spirits, and being able to spend time talking to those more knowledgeable than me in this area. When I’m enjoying time with family or friends, I love to share this knowledge at dinner or other social gatherings.

Any favourite products at Town House?

Gidumal: To relax at home or with friends, I'd recommend Riedel's Fatto a Mano glasses. Aside from the technically brilliant development of combining traditional hand-made production (the stem and base) with the best machine-made technology (the bowl), Fatto A Mano is simply beautiful and different. Each stem has a different colour, which not only makes the perfect glass marker, but adds a decorative statement to the dining table.

I also love my Limited Edition Ayam Rainbow Decanter. If someone is lucky, we have one piece remaining in Hong Kong. The decanter is fantastic, both functionally and as a piece of art. From a functional perspective, those using this decanter can even hear the wine aerating. This is an amazing experience, which brings the process of ‘’opening up the wine” straight to our senses.

If you're a tea lover, I'd recommend the Toile de Fleur range from Maxwell & Williams. Traditional colours used in making fine Bone China have been white and blue, dating back to 14th century China. The Australian designer Gabby Malpas has used these traditional colours to create a modern but timeless take on chinaware.

Featuring colourful slender stems and hand blown glass, Riedel's Fatto A Mano collection is available at Town House. The Toile de Fleur range from Maxwell & William will make every cup of tea a beautiful experience.


Wind down at home

Bed & Bath’s Adah Chan, whose mother is the shop’s founder, knows when it’s time to log off. She shares her insights and tips on how to relax at home.

What is most important to you in life?

Chan: Definitely family. I think I've learned the most from my family — notably, my mother, who nurtured me in her business and in life. I really hope I can pass on all her wisdom to my children. As a family, we spend as much time with nature as we can. We love growing our own vegetables, hiking, fishing. It's really nurturing especially for my two young boys.

Any other secrets to living a healthier life?

Chan: Enhancing life for me naturally means enhancing sleep! I love winding down at home, in my Schramm bed. Honestly, I've never slept on anything better. I feel completely relaxed, especially when combined with my Christian Fischbacher Swiss sheets — it's like sleeping on super soft clouds!

For a healthier life, ensure high-quality sleep with Christian Fischbacher Swiss sheets from Bed & Bath.


Health is wealth

DG Lifestyle’s Amy Yuen shared her insider tips on how tech can improve your wellness.

How do you make time for life?

Amy Yuen: Everything should have a priority — work and life is also important to all of us. Therefore, time management is good so you can compartmentalise work and life. Once you step out of office, don’t bother yourself with your work anymore. Just leave it for tomorrow, relax and enjoy your rest.

What do you think about health?

Yuen: Health is life. If you aren’t healthy, you will have bigger problems — losing time with work and loved ones. I spend at least three to four times a week to do some exercise, as I know it’s crucial to take care of myself. To track your fitness, I’d recommend the water-resistant Fitbit Ionic. It looks slick and also features a watch, personal coaching, GPS, heart rate monitor, and access to exclusive adidas workouts.

How do you unwind after work?

Yuen: I like to refresh with a nice glass of wine and chat with friends at Captain’s Bar if it’s the weekend. During the week, I love to enjoy a relaxing massage at home — sometimes I think about what I’ll do next, other times I just clear my mind and enjoy. At DG Lifestyle, there are so many products that can help you unwind.

Right now, I am in love with the Breo iNeck 2, iSee4 and iScalp massagers. They are magical — the ultimate relaxation package. Essentially, they use air pressure, heat therapy and acupoints vibration to deliver messages to target areas like your head and neck, which can often feel stressed from working at a computer.

Try the Breo iNeck 2, iSee4 and iScalp massagers for ultimate relaxation at home or take control of your fitness with a new Fitbit Ionic.