Great Green Ideas

DEC 31, 2018

From fashion to beauty to dining, far-sighted brands like Gucci, Green Common, and Guerlain at Harvey Nichols have made new commitments to our planet.


Choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products doesn’t mean limiting your lifestyle. At LANDMARK, several brands are exploring eco-friendly initiatives. From Gucci’s ethical fashion operations to Guerlain’s sustainable beauty potions, these thought leaders are on the front lines in the fight for a healthier planet.

Finding equilibrium

A fashion pioneer in more ways than one, Gucci set a new standard in the fashion world when it announced a fur-less programme last October. Since then, the influential fashion house has extended its commitment to sustainability by launching its own online platform. Dubbed Gucci Equilibrium, the site is designed to “connect people, planet, and purpose”. Gucci links sustainability and transparency with their Equilibrium initiative, the first step in a 10-year plan to extend their sustainability efforts across all aspects of operations.

“These are critical times when we can all play our part in helping to deliver on the UN Global Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement,” Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President and CEO, said in a statement. The only way to do that is by bringing people together, sharing ideas, innovation and experiences. This is the objective we have set for Gucci Equilibrium.”

In terms of the environment, the company will aim to guarantee that 95 per cent of their raw materials can be traced to their source. In addition, Gucci has developed a Scrap-less programme to reduce the amount of leather treated at tanneries and partnered with I was a Sari — a social enterprise in Mumbai that works with marginalised women — to develop limited-edition designs using beautiful embroidery techniques, upcycled saris and leftover leather.

Gucci works with women Mumbai-based social enterprise I was a Sari to support marginalised women and reduce waste.


Better beauty

Available at Harvey Nichols, Guerlain is making big strides toward being one of the world’s most sustainable beauty brands. With more than 10 years of sustainability initiatives under its belt, Guerlain is the first perfume and cosmetics house to be certified by Ecocert for its “Biodiversity and Climate Commitment.”

"[We are] committed to a more sustainable world, taking the culture of the good and the beautiful to even greater heights, and passing on a wonderful legacy to future generations ... in the name of beauty,” said Laurent Boillot, President and Chief Executive Officer.

In 2015, the brand established a new production factory, called La Ruche, that is dedicated to fulfilling the brand’s environmental and social commitments. Just recently, the brand introduced new eco-designed packaging for its fourth-generation Orchidée Impériale line. The cream’s glass jar is 60 per cent lighter than the 2013 iteration, which has resulted in a carbon footprint reduction of 58 per cent. Also part of the project, Guerlain has planted 10,000 orchids in the Tianzi Mountain Nature Preserve in Yunnan, China to support biodiversity.

Guerlain has spent the last 10 years sponsoring the Brittany Black Be Conservation Society in Ouessant, a French island in the English Channel that’s home to a special Black Bee. The scientist are devoted to studying and preserving this endemic species. You can experience the potent honey with the new Double R Renew & Repair serum — a powerful anti-ageing soft-peel formula that contours and smooths your skin for a “like new” glow.

Looking ahead, by 2020, 100 per cent of Guerlain products will be ecodesigned and the company aims to achieve a 50 per cent overall reduction in CO2 emissions.

Available at Harvey Nichols, Guerlain has sponsored the Brittany Black Be Conservation Society in Ouessant for the past decade.


Responsible bites

As Hong Kong’s leading vegan grocery store and cafe, Green Common is committed to selling responsibly-sourced, fair-trade products and upholding its conscious business practices. The company also serves vegetarian, non-GMO and dairy-free products, in an effort to keep the Earth a greener place.

“Today’s livestock industry contributes a larger carbon footprint than all transportation combined. It is an extremely inefficient way to produce food in terms of water and land,” says David Yeung, founder of Green Monday and Green Common. “Plant based products, compared with traditional meat products, have a much lower carbon footprint and can be nutritionally superior.”

For example, this August, at the Hong Kong Food Expo 2018, Green Common introduced new vegan offerings such as Gardein Fishless Filets and Beyond Sausages. In addition, the team has introduced Califia Farms Probiotic Dairy-Free Yogurt — a plant-based yoghurt with an almond-coconut base that’s both dairy-free and low in sugar. It’s good for you and the planet, thanks to active probiotics that promote better gut health. For something more substantial, Green Common also serves healthy lunch options, such as the Omnipork Spaghetti Bolognese, Beyond Burger and All Day Just Scramble at LANDMARK.

“We aim at achieving a win-win-win among the planet, mankind and animals,” adds Yeung. “There should be no tradeoff between food taste satisfaction and personal well-being.”

The Beyond Burger looks and tastes like meat, but is actually made with 20 grams of plant-based proteins.