Living is Reimagined

AUG 31, 2018

CODELAB embraces millennial power with a cornucopia of limited-edition products designed to ignite and excite.

CODELAB continues to flip the script on how to shop with an iconoclastic rewrite that presents a stimulating shopping experience in a pioneering creative space.

At CODELAB, cutting-edge design sets the scene, originality takes centre stage and individualism is the star. This is where you’ll find limited-edition collections – art, gadgets, gifts, home decor – and bold designs that reflect a luxe meets street aesthetic.

It’s also where offline with online merge to make purchasing easy and convenient, and put time on your side. Peruse and touch innovative products at CODELAB, and then make an online transaction by simply scanning the product's QR code with your phone to add it to your online shopping basket. Take up to 12 hours to decide to go ahead, and then check out online and choose in-store pickup or home delivery.

Discover other-worldly views wearing Peek


Alternative shapes also translate to the home, where living can be reimagined. This vibrant and exotic menagerie of paperweights – that includes a Lion X Paperweight and Bulldog X Paperweight –by Haoshi imbues your decor with youthful energy.

Bring verve into your decor with Haoshi’s vibrant animal paperweights

Newly curated items include the life-size Lion X Lighting from Taiwanese brand Haoshi, which illuminates your path to reimagined living while reminding you to tap in to your wild side.

Tap into your wild side with Haoshi’s Lion X Lighting


Looking to unleash your inner boldness? Then fire up Soap Studio’s hi-tech Batman – Night God 1:12 RC Tumbler (Deluxe Edition). Moving parts, LED lights, jet-power mode and a remote control ensure thrill-seeking adventures and fresh perspectives.

Unleash your inner boldness in the Batman – Night God Tumbler


To get into the right mindset, immerse yourself in the MIND: The Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer, which has cutting-edge holographic projection technology for a realistic, mind-altering experience.

Enter the superhero universe with MIND: The Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer


Contemporary collectors will be drawn to the uber-modern design of the Black Note 1989 Batmobile Vacuum Tube Sound System. The limited-edition piece has a handcrafted, piano finish speaker box that houses two full-range drivers, a ribbon super tweeter and sub-woofer that deliver superlative sound.

Black Note delivers superior sound


Whether you're shopping for accessories or gifts, CODELAB is the hippest place to discover new perspectives.

Visit CODELAB on 2/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM to see for yourself.

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