MAY 08, 2019

From maximalist patterns to sculptural curves, Hong Kong interior designer Lucia Tait Tolani dishes on her top five home interior trends this year.

Interior designer Lucia Tait Tolani knows a thing or two about how to turn a tired space into an urban oasis. We asked the Hong Kong-based decorator and personal stylist about her favourite interior trends for 2019, plus a few tips on how to nail them. Here’s what she said:

Interior designer Lucia Tait Tolani.


1. Urban Naturalism

“This trend feels both fresh and back to the roots for me,” says Tolani. “Think bamboo, rattan, and sustainably sourced wooden pieces – objects that are ecologically-friendly (always a big plus these days) but also introduce a sense of history into a space. Increasingly, city dwellers are longing for a connection to nature and proximity to natural materials, and this overall aesthetic is great for that.”

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2. Graceful Curves

“Curves are really big this year. Blame their sensuous nature – a curved line makes you want to reach out and run your fingers along it,” says Tolani. “Interestingly enough, Hong Kong does the trend very well. Perhaps it’s feng shui, or simply a smart way for developers to claim more square footage, but you’ll find a lot of curved rooms, walls and bay windows in the city. It can be more fun to embrace them rather than fight them!”

Christofle recently added curvaceous new vases, centrepieces and decorative cases to its Perlée collection.


3. Very Velvet

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“Velvet has been enjoying a revival over the last few seasons, and continues to be the upholstery of choice for 2019. Architect and designer India Mahdavi can be credited with making it the decorator's fabric of choice – from Sketch Gallery restaurant and tea room in London, which she completely redid in millennial pink velvet, to her recent work for private club Chez Nina, presented at Nilufar Gallery during Salone del Mobile in Milan, Mahdavi has been reinterpreting the textile in beautiful ways.”

“When it comes to your home, velvet works for a variety of reasons: it is as cosy as it is chic, not to mention fairly easy to care for. In Hong Kong, it makes a lot of sense, because velvet adds a depth of texture and colour that mixes well with almost any other material. For those with a more conservative style, I’d suggest navy or burgundy – they are classics, evergreen colours. More daring types could try emerald or mustard.”

4. Maximal mixing patterns

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“This trend is one of my favourites, as it offers unlimited choices. I also think it’s perfect for us Hongkongers,” says Tolani. “Many people here are ‘nomads’ and collectors. They travel a lot, and pick up things along the way. Mixing patterns can help incorporate all those travel finds without worrying about ‘rules.’ Don’t quite know where to start? Black and white stripes are always in fashion.”

5. No-Fear Wallpaper

Pair the Flora collection at Yves Delorme with bold wallpaper to make your bedroom pop.


“I love strong, vibrant wallpaper,” says Tolani. “It makes a bold statement but still allows you to change your mind. Also, it’s a great dinner party conversation starter. Not to mention the look is a quick and easy way to give personality to any apartment!”

“A few tips: A repeating pattern works well in small spaces, while murals often need more breathing room. Also, unlike most people might think, big motifs don’t make the environment smaller, but rather more cocooned and enveloping. A cheerful wallpaper works well in a nursery, master bedroom, or powder room, for instance.”

“It’s also useful if your house happens to have a wall or two of a bold colour, as it’s often the case in Hong Kong. If you add a wallpaper to complement it, it’ll make the overall feel more cohesive.”

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