JUN 04, 2019

Jumpstart your mood and reboot your beauty regime with these four energising health and beauty remedies at LANDMARK.

Now that summer’s in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to reset your system. Reward yourself with restorative treatments and beauty remedies that go well beyond surface level to refresh your body and fill you with positive energy in A Year of Play.

Flex and Float

Challenge yourself during a Pool FITMAT class at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Try a new Pool FITMAT classes at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa. Gentle yet effective, the intense core-focused classes bring together yoga and paddleboarding for a unique and challenging workout. During each session, where there’s a maximum of four guests per class, an experienced instructor will guide you through downward-facing dog, warrior one and relaxing savasana – all while you work hard to maintain stability on your floating mat.

Supplemental Energy

All-natural Ogaenics supplements at BEYORG Nº8 Organic Spa can help regulate and restore your body.

If you’re looking for energising and nourishing health supplements, try Ogaenics at BEYORG Nº8 Organic Spa. This collection of nine natural food supplements from Germany consists of 100 per cent vegan and natural vitamins and minerals to ensure you’re in tip-top form.

For example, Calm-A-Lama plant-based magnesium promotes cell division and repair, effectively reducing everyday fatigue and stress. And for those seeking glowy skin, the Love Your Gut Daily Biotic-Komplex with vitamin B3 is a must-try. By limiting the growth of unhealthy bacteria, the supplement aids digestive issues, boosts your immune system and supports healthy, beautiful skin.

Freshen Up

Recharge with a stimulating scalp therapy at airplay blow dry bar.

There’s nothing more energising than a scalp scrub. Boost circulation and clear your mind with this all-natural, organic treatment at airplay blow dry bar. The salon uses a recipe of medicinal herbal leaves, horsetail stems, soup nuts (a berry shell that doubles as a deep cleanser), purifying Amazonian pink clay, and essential oils to cleanse and hydrate your scalp, followed by an invigorating head and shoulder massage.

Lighten Up

Tap into the healing power of light energy with The Artistry’s cutting-edge LED Phototherapy Face Mask.

At-home beauty devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and now you can tap into the power of clinically proven LED therapy without visiting a salon. At The Artistry, look for the LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Pro by DEESSE, which uses low-level light energy to heal, rejuvenate and balance your skin.

The mask features three distinct wavelengths, each providing a set of different benefits. Red rays, for instance, can boost blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen for younger and plumper skin, while blue rays destroy acne-causing bacteria. Simply set the LED mask to your preferred wavelength, sit back and relax.