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JUL 31, 2018

From vegan snacks to smart eye masks, try new and noteworthy sleep solutions at LANDMARK’s Beauty & Wellness Concept.

Don’t miss our new series of ‘Art of Sleep’ workshops this summer at LANDMARK.

When it comes to your health, adequate sleep is absolutely essential. Not only will it boost your mood and performance, but it also helps to promote healthy skin and keep eye-bags at bay. But getting enough shuteye is a problem that many urbanites in Hong Kong struggle with. Visit LANDMARK this summer to explore a range of sleep-improvement products to make every day better than the next!

A relaxing sleep ritual

Sometimes a great night’s sleep requires a little preparation. You’re in luck: kikki.k recently launched a new homeware collection called ‘More Sleep Please’ that will elevate your nightly sleep routine with extra-comfy slippers, calming lotions, porcelain teapots for herbal tea, cups, saucers, and a dedicated sleep journal. The soothing colour palette of blues, whites, and golds won’t hurt either.

“The power of routine is something I find really valuable in many areas of my life — and sleep is no exception,” says Kristina Karlsson, founder of kikki.k. “My night-time routine involves getting offline, enjoying a warm shower or bath, writing in my journal, jotting down thoughts onto my to-do list for the next day, and finally settling into bed and reading a book.”

Get some better Zzzs with help from kikki.k.

Amazing tech accessories

On the hunt for the perfect eye mask? All the rage with celebrities, models and influencers alike, #caternap is the first ever silk sleeping eye mask that continuously infuses beautifying skincare ingredients through its patented Nanotechnology. Available at The Artistry, the #caternap provides intense hydration to the skin whilst reducing the effects of sun-damage and ageing at the same time.

The luxurious eye mask has six patented active ingredients including lavender oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract and lipid complex, enabling continuous infusion of these essential skincare ingredients directly onto your skin and eyes overnight, rivalling many face masks on the market.

Try #caternap for healthier skin and better Zzzs.

An evening ensemble

New luxury French swim and lingerie brand ERES has debuted at LANDMARK and the store is full of intimates, lingerie, and comfy loungewear. The latest collection jumps from silky pajamas to lace-trimmed triangle bras, satin bodysuits, romantic lace cropped bras, and more. Whether you’re resting your head at home or going for a lingerie as outerwear look, ERES is worth a special trip.

Slip into silky pajamas at ERES.

Meanwhile, at SHEER, you will find everything you need for a luxurious night’s rest. Add an Olivia von Halle Bella Orchid camisole and shorts set to your wardrobe — the delicate silk loungewear feels like a dream. Pair it with the matching silk eye mask and your evening ensemble is complete.

Find silky-smooth Olivia von Halle Bella sleepwear at SHEER.

Food for thought

You can eat your way to better sleep by tapping into a vegan diet. As diet strongly affects sleep quality, eating more fibre-rich foods like fruits and leafy greens can help release serotonin. A plant-based diet helps produce melatonin, which is responsible for regulating the sleep pattern.

And for cheat day? The Cakery also suggests swapping in a few healthier alternative to your usual indulgences. Head over to taste a delicious lineup of vegan lattes, cupcakes, vegan bread and vegan chia pudding.

Swap out your usual coffee for a nutrient-packed vegan latte at The Cakery

Dreamy scents and potions

Nothing derails a good night’s sleep like an overactive nervous system. But you can ease back to sleep with the De Mamiel Anchor Sleep Series. Available at BEYORG No.8 Organic Spa, the collection calms your mind with a combination of herbs, watermelon seed oil and passion flower oil.

And for little ones? Also at BEYORG No.8 Organic Spa, the Alma Pillow Spray is a must-have ally for parents. At bedtime, spritz your infant’s pillow and let the natural ingredients lull them into a deep sleep. The blend includes a calming mixture, including orange blossom water, rose geranium, mandarin, benzoin, and cedar — it smells so nice, you might steal some for your own sweet dreams.

Tap into a better night sleep with the help from calming aromatherapy.

Lavender has long been considered one of the most powerful aromatherapies for relaxation. Made with hypoallergenic ingredients, APIVITA’s new Caring Lavender line of shower gel, moisturiser and body oils provides a hit of stress-busting lavender. It’s also full of powerful antioxidants and soothing ingredients to improve your skin while helping you rest.

Say goodbye to stress with the Caring Lavender line at APIVITA.

Keen to learn more about how you can improve your sleep? Join us at LANDMARK Beauty & Wellness Concept for our ‘Art of Sleep’ workshops from now to 23 August, the workshops will cover a slew of important tips and tricks, from high-tech gadgets to comfortable sleepwear, aromatherapy, and diet advice from participating shops such as The Artistry, SHEER, The Cakery, and BEYORG Each participant will receive a HK$100 LANDMARK gift certificate upon attending a workshop.

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