FEB 10, 2020

From subtle camisoles to bold bustiers, SHEER founder Lisa Cheng shares her insights on how to nail the lingerie-as-fashion trend this Valentine’s Day.

A few years ago, a rogue bra strap would have been considered a major fashion faux pas – but mandatory modesty is a thing of the past. Lingerie has slinked out of the boudoir and onto the catwalks, revealing its incredible versatility as a fashion accessory. From lacy bodysuits to colourful bralets, silky slip dresses and lace-trimmed camisoles, there are a million ways to mix, match and layer lingerie come date night.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, there's no better time to start experimenting. We caught up with Lisa Cheng, the founder of SHEER lingerie boutique, to hear her insights on how to incorporate lingerie into your date-night wardrobe:

1. Channel your style icon

Every woman’s body type and individual style is different, so it’s important to first understand what colours, cuts and fabrics resonate most with you. When getting started, gather inspiration from movie stars, hip hop artists, influencers or friends to guide your own personal lingerie aesthetic.

For classic romance, Lisa points toward celebs Michelle Pfeiffer and Jennifer Aniston. “Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, where she wears that emerald silk slip, has always been an inspiration on how to style lingerie as outerwear,” says Lisa. “At the recent SAG awards, Jennifer Aniston wore a slinky silk dress – it’s a sophisticated, elegant look for a night out.”

On the edgier side, American singer-songwriter Lizzo has nailed her lingerie-as-fashion look. “I just love how bold and experimental she is with all the silhouettes, fabrics and details,” adds Lisa. “She’s unapologetic in her self-expression and I hope to encourage women in Hong Kong to embrace body positive attitudes as Lizzo does.”

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning in a white silk dress at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where she won Best Female Actor in a drama series. Credit: SAG Awards

2. Find your perfect fit

To feel comfortable and confident while wearing silk or lace negligee as everyday fashion, Lisa says it’s essential to invest in high-quality lingerie that breathes, moves and supports your body properly.

“The thing is, a good bra can do wonders for your silhouette. It provides you with the necessary support and also will help you straighten your back,” she explains. “In terms of brands, La Perla has always been a favourite of mine. They never fail to create timeless pieces with quality fabrics that will keep you reaching for them time and time again.” In particular, she recommends La Perla’s Alida Lace Push Up Bra, which looks – and feels – great underneath a breezy, button-down shirt for an instant daytime to nighttime look.

3. Start experimenting

If you haven’t tried wearing lingerie as everyday fashion before, start with more subtle wardrobe additions. For instance, you could try a silky pajama blouse pair tucked into an A-line skirt, a lace-trimmed camisole under an angular blazer, or a colourful bralet under a semi-transparent top for a subtle, sophisticated effect.

One of Lisa’s favourite pieces for a date-night look revolves around a pearly white Covent Garden Silk Bra by Myla. “I love this piece because of its structured construction and delicate silk satin,” says Lisa. “It can definitely be worn as a crop top! I would suggest pairing it with your favorite high-waisted wide pants and heels, or under a sheer top for a more modest look.”

Wear the Covent Garden Silk Bra by Myla as a crop top.

4. Take it up a notch

Those already accustomed to layering on the lace may want to play with bolder boudoir pieces, such as a slinky slip dress, bodysuit or bustier – all of which look fantastic with a leather jacket. Lisa’s go-to LBD is the Simple Slip Dress from Kiki de Montparnasse’s Core collection, which has a body-hugging fit, a flattering cowl neck and skinny, adjustable straps.

“You can never go wrong with a beautifully constructed slip dress and this silhouette is unbeatable,” adds Lisa. “Also, it goes with any pair of boots or heels to create the perfect date look.”

To dial up the ‘wow’ factor, Lisa recommends a Petunia Lace Underwire Bodysuit by Else, which features a gorgeous scalloped neckline, floral print lace and open knit mesh.

“I think the pattern and detailing is what makes this bodysuit so unique and flattering on essentially everyone,” she says. “Wear this with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and a blazer, and it will instantly give your outfit a more interesting texture and pattern.”

Try the Petunia Lace Underwire Bodysuit with a black jacket.

5. Lingerie, your way

Lisa has one last but essential piece of advice for anyone looking to step up their lingerie fashion game: “Lingerie not only serves a function, but it is also about self expression – so it has been wonderful seeing a lot of women in Hong Kong experimenting with their outfits.”

“When it comes to finding your own personal lingerie style, it’s a journey of self discovery. It is so important to give yourself the time to experiment, explore and try on different pieces to see what works best for you. Dedicate this act of self care to yourself and explore all the joys of lingerie fashion!”

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, book a professional fitting then shop camisoles, bustiers and slip dresses at SHEER: Shop 310, 3/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM