Playing the Bag Scale

FEB 26, 2019

Micro bag to jumbo tote, these are bags meant for having fun with

A Year of Play calls for a celebration of extremes, so we revel in the current bag trend of micro purses and jumbo totes. This play on scale is all about dramatic proportions, ranging from the impractically dainty hand purse to the excessive carryall.

Go over the top with these jumbo bags from Loewe (left) and Dior (right)

Brands such as Balenciaga, Dior and Loewe master the art of volume by offering contrasting styles in their signature design codes. Whether you’re a fan of Balenciaga’s signature brash colour and fun form, Loewe’s elegant utilitarianism or Dior’s pared-down elegance, there is a buffet of mini toy purses in playful shapes and materials, as well as oversized tote bags that accommodate everything you need throughout the day, including that micro bag you’re reserving for later that night.

Keeping it compact with Loewe’s Puzzle Bag (left) and Balenciaga’s mini (rIght)

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