New natural beauty

APR 13, 2018

New skincare powered by Mother Nature

Your new sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to stop with food and fashion. These all-natural beauty products and treatments will leave you feeling as fresh as a spring breeze.

Treat yourself

Whether you’re looking for hair, nail or baby products, BEYØRG is home to a bevy of eco-oriented brands that focus on organic ingredients and absolutely zero nasties or additives. Adding to the experience, BEYØRG recently opened a new spa at LANDMARK that’s worth a special detour. Dubbed Nº8 Organic Spa, this luxurious oasis provides organic facial treatments, such as the newly introduced De Mamiel Anti-Pollution Facial, which uses an innovative cleanse release, aromatic herbal compresses and a circulation-boosting qi-rejuvenation massage. Lastly, your face will be treated to a rose quartz stone therapy, which tightens skin and reduces pore size for a natural glow that will last all week.

BEYØRG Nº8 Organic spa keeps things as natural as possible.

All-natural artistry

The Artistry boutique is home to several brands with eco ethos, including artnaturals. The US-based beauty company is all about health-conscious essentials that are good for the environment, promising BPA-free, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly products.

New to the brand? Start with a cult favourite such as Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Basically an anti-aging facial in a bottle, this natural formula harnesses a naturally occurring substance (responsible for skin's elasticity) to target fine lines and saggy skin. It plies skin with nourishing jojoba oil, botanical extracts, aloe vera and green tea to simultaneously smooth uneven texture and boost moisture production.

Artnaturals is powered by natural ingredients

Mix it up

This May, APIVITA will add 18 reformulated Express Beauty Masks to its arsenal of more than 300 natural beauty products. Offering bespoke solutions, these new masks enable you to mix and match depending on your current skincare concerns. Drawing from the healthy principles of the Mediterranean diet, these masks contain up to 98% natural ingredients, including precious extracts from fruits and vegetables, antioxidant infusions, and even soothing tea.

To create a bespoke set, you’ll choose an “Appetizer” (exfoliating and cleansing) mask, a “Main Course” (hydration, radiance and anti-aging), and a “Dessert” (eye care). For example, you might begin your routine with a brightening Bilberry face scrub, followed by an anti-pollution sea lavender mask, then finish off with a gingko biloba eye mask to erase dark circles and signs of fatigue — the choice is yours.

A delicious new lineup from APIVITA