How to Look the Part for Art

MAR 10, 2017

The perfect picks from menswear’s sartorial world to party like you’re arty 

Hong Kong’s season of art and all its parties is upon us once again and with invitations being bandied about to the hottest shows and the hippest exhibitions, it would be remiss not to ponder over an outfit fit for the occasion. After all, art is about expression and what better way to express yourself than sartorially through your elected ensemble. Here are a few tips to ensure the right balance between fitting in and standing out.

‘90s sneakers by Corthay, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM;
Picasso Face Leather Bag by Fendi Men, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM;
Valentino Garavani calfskin leather Panther pattern tote bag by Valentino Men, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM;
Shoes in Green by Henderson at On Pedder, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM;

Look sharp
Most art parties are evening affairs or social occasions so dressing up is called for. There’s no need to wear a suit or opt for business attire – err on the casual side of smart – but a blazer and coordinating, rather than matching, trousers should do the trick, and Neil Barret certainly has you covered. Stuck on the suit? Pick one with a surprising silhouette or a striking motif – Dior Homme’s distinctive prints always guarantee a strong look.

Embrace colour
The art party is one of few occasions where it’s easy to get away with a bold print or a bright splash of colour. Such a striking statement adds a little bit of intrigue and interest to that pale shirt, dark blazer and even-darker trousers look, even if all you add is an eye-catching pair of socks. For a pick that’s more pronounced, Fendi Men’s dynamic Picasso-inspired motif has made its way onto leather goods across the season’s collection and is sure to arouse curiosity in the art crowd.

Add texture
If colour is not your thing, or you want to be slightly more subtle in how you change your pace, add texture to your look. It might be through a sleek cashmere scarf, a textured tie or a pair of lush velvet shoes – On Pedder has some attractive options.

Pick a conversation piece
A vintage manbag, a limited edition watch or a pair of quirky cufflinks – whatever it is that makes you stand out sartorially is encouraged during art season, particularly if it sparks interaction, or even admiration. Valentino Men’s calfskin leather Panther patterned tote bag certainly has conversational potential and should be pounced upon by art party goers.

Comfort is key
This piece of advice often applies more to the ladies, but it goes for guys too when it comes to art parties. With plenty of time spent standing around gazing at artworks, hours on your feet means function should accompany form. Choose footwear that pairs comfort with style. Corthay has some sporty yet stylish sneakers that will also add a splash of vibrancy to your look.

Looking to take your art style out for a spin? Warm up with art at Landmark this March.


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