Ready for Action

APR 11, 2017

The things every modern man needs for a fitter and healthier lifestyle

Exercise, diet and sleep – these are the tenets that are key to living the good life. In the simplest terms: exercise more, eat better and sleep well.

When it comes to exercise, whether you choose to work out in the gym or face the elements on the rugged trails, the open seas or pristine golf courses, it’s important to consider your attire – and not just for vanity’s sake. Breathable fabrics that wick sweat allow for a more comfortable sporting experience, while technical fibres can enhance performance and endurance, add protection, prevent injury or simply allow for greater freedom of movement. Specialist labels such as Paul & Shark incorporate technical fibres that ensure optimum comfort in windy and wet weather, perfect for sailors and water sports enthusiasts, while running and golf wear from the likes of J. Lindeberg will have you at the top of your game thanks to performance-enhancing fabrics. For something that effortlessly combines functionality and fashion, the brand new collection of adidas Originals by Alexander Wang, now at Harvey Nichols in LANDMARK ATRIUM, makes it easy to move seamlessly from bench press to brunch. To top it all off, track your activity and monitor your heart rate daily with the new Fitbit Alta, available at Universal Audio & Video Centre in LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM.

Once exercise for the day is out of the way, refuel and hydrate with healthy food selections. The Stella Glow Good Juice from Green Common is comprised of beetroot, ginger and apple and not only is it rehydrating, but helps increase oxygen flow to the muscles and thanks to the ginger is a good anti-inflammatory for post-workout consumption. For those in need of extra protein for muscle maintenance, Catch Juicery’s Muscle Beach blends chocolate plant-based protein, Catch almond mylk, banana, blueberry and cacao that’s a healthy and nutritious recovery choice.

It’s important to look after the body inside and out. Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on the skin, so if you are out and about in sun, wind or rain while sporting, a good moisturizer doesn’t go amiss – try SA.AL & Co at Joyce Grooming, and apply SPF to prevent sun-induced ageing. An energizing body wash will leave you invigorated after exercise and ready to face the rest of the day’s challenges and Kiehl’s Body Fuel (available at Harvey Nichols) is just the ticket. You can also keep skin smooth by staying hydrated – keep a water bottle on hand throughout the day.

After a long day with work and exercise, make sure you get a good night’s rest. Switch off any screens emitting blue light at least an hour before bed and meditate or read to ready yourself for sleep. Joyce Grooming’s anti-ageing pillow cases by Slip will ensure you emerge from bed not only feeling rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep but potentially looking younger – made from mulberry silk it minimizes sleep crease that can lead to wrinkles, protects hair and hydrates the skin.

There’s no time like the present to wake up to a new wellness routine.

‘90s sneakers by Corthay, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM;
SS17 adidas Originals by Alexander Wang at Harvey Nichols, LANDMARK
Fitbit Alta at Universal Audio & Video Centre
Men’s hooded wind jacket by J. Lindeberg, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM; Good Juice at Green Common, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA
Hair & Body Wash, Light Moisturizer & After Shave Balm, and Deodorant by SA.AL & Co at Joyce Grooming, LANDMARK MEN, LANDMARK ATRIUM
Body Fuel by Kiehl’s at Harvey Nichols, LANDMARK ATRIUM
Pure silk pillowcase by Slip at Joyce Grooming, , LANDMARK ATRIUM