Breaking New Ground

MAY 24, 2018

Discover innovative new men’s accessories at landmark

Whether you’re planning to invest in a new timepiece or go on an epic adventure, LANDMARK has a gadget or gizmo for every occasion.

Watch out

There’s nothing better than a beautiful Swiss-made watch. Except, of course, one that you can customise to your own personal specifications. The new MEMOMEM Watch 4.1 allows customers to design every detail, down to the colour, style, watch face, hour hand, straps, dials — you can even engrave thoughtful messages, a monogramme, or personal mottos along the bezel and side of the case body. In total, there are more than 17 trillion possible combinations. The only limit? Your creativity.

The revolutionary MEMOMEM (meaning Me, Moment and Memory) is the world’s first fully customisable watch.

Smart planning

Planners, notetakers, artists and creatives will rejoice when they pick up Moleskine’s Pen+ Ellipse smart pen, which integrates perfectly with the brand’s Smart Writing System. How does it work? It’s as simple as putting pen to paper. You’ll use the Pen+ Ellipse smart pen to jot down notes and doodles in your Moleskine Smart Diary or Paper Tablet Smart Notebook, while innovative nCode paper technology automatically converts your thoughts into digital files in real-time.

You can keep everything organised via the Moleskine Notes app, which will sync with any smartphone, tablet, or computer (Windows 10). The tools are also compatible with software such as PhotoShop, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Google Docs for maximum efficiency.

The Pen+ Ellipse smart pen clips onto your favourite Moleskine Smart Diary or Notebook.

Sneak a peek

At Universal Audio & Visual Centre, you’ll find a new arrival from Zeiss. The sleek Victory Pocket Binoculars deliver superlative optics in a convenient, diminutive size that slides right into your pocket thanks to an innovative asymmetrical folding design. Whether you are heading to the park, on a rugged hike, or out for some serious birdwatching, the featherlight body can be used with one hand.

These beauties come kitted out with high magnification ZEISS T* multi-layer coated lenses, an extra wide field of view, fluoride glass (FL) for sharp pictures, plus a waterproof body, shockproof rubber amour, and anti-mist technology should you be exploring extreme conditions.

Available at Universal Audio & Visual Centre, the Zeiss Victory Pocket Binoculars feature an innovative LotuTec coating
that enables water to roll right off the lenses

Perfect pours

Oenophiles will love the new iSommelier and iSommelier Pro by iFavine, available at Town House. Using advanced oxygen extraction technology, the iSommelier reduces the typically hours-long aeration process to just a few minutes.

Not only does the iSommelier enhance the flavour and aroma of wine, but it also reduces sulfites — one of the primary causes of a hangover. Both the iSommelier and iSommelier Pro function similarly; however, the Pro pairs with the iFavine App, which provides custom programming options and a wealth of wine insights from a network of industry professionals.

For every hour a traditional decanter takes to aerate wine, the new iSommelier can achieve the same result in
just one minute.

Forge new lines

A luxurious pen is not only a timeless symbol of success, but also a work of art and innovation. At S.T. Dupont, you’ll discover the recently unveiled New Line D pen collection. These next-generation writing instruments have been crafted with hand-plated precious gold or palladium and a hand-patterned Diamond Head that was designed by artisans.

Whether you choose a fountain, roller or ballpoint pen, each New Line D pen requires more than 150 steps to achieve the innovative body and textured surface, which has been hand-carved by master silversmiths. Fountain pens, meanwhile, pair with colour-matched inkwells in five colours — Royal Blue, Intense Black, Turquoise Blue, Flamboyant Red, and Spring Green — to match your inspiration.

Discover the hand-crafted beauty of the New Line D pen collection at S.T. Dupont.