A New Day

JUL 31, 2018

From smart alarm clocks to sleep tracking programmes, try new and noteworthy sleep solutions at LANDMARK.

Don’t miss our new series of ‘Art of Sleep’ workshops this summer at LANDMARK.

When it comes to your health, adequate sleep is absolutely essential. Not only will it boost your mood, but it also helps to promote performance at work. But getting enough shuteye is a problem that many urbanites in Hong Kong struggle with.

Visit us this summer to explore a range of sleep-improvement products to make every day better than the next. 

Amazing tech accessories

On the hunt for the next big thing? Try the innovative Nokia Sleep system, available at The Artistry. When you put the advanced sensory mat under your mattress, it tracks your sleep cycles, interruptions, heart rate, and snoring patterns. Every morning, it will automatically update your Health Mate app with a sleep score and provides insights on how to improve your sleep quality with the in-app coaching programme. The app also pairs with smart home devices, so you set your lights to automatically dim when you get in bed.

Store your Nokia Sleep pad and start tracking your sleep patterns.

Also at The Artistry, the AYO headset is another fascinating invention. This easily packable headset that helps enhance sleep quality and combats jetlag using bluelight. The innovative device can replace your usual cup of coffee in the morning or your favourite energy drink, giving you the mood boost you need with natural energising power of sunlight.

Try an AYO headset to boost your mood and get better Zzzs.

Relaxing aromatherapy

Nothing derails a good night’s sleep like an overactive nervous system. But you can ease back to sleep with the De Mamiel Anchor Sleep Series. Available at BEYORG No.8 Organic Spa, the collection is made for both men and women. How does it work? The botanical roll-on aromas and balms will calms your mind with a combination of herbs, watermelon seed oil and passion flower oil.

Tap into a better night’s sleep with the help of calming aromatherapy.

Kick bad habits

Sometimes a great night’s sleep requires expert assistance — especially if you tend to grind your tooth or clench your jaw during the midnight hours. You’re in luck: Smile Inc. is holding a series of talks this summer to help you kick bad habits and get better sleep.

Keen to learn more about how you can improve your sleep? Join us at LANDMARK Beauty & Wellness Concept for our ‘Art of Sleep’ workshops from  now 2 to 23 August, the workshops will cover a slew of important tips and tricks from participating shops such as The Artistry, BEYORG, The Cakery, Smile Inc., and    Verde Organic..  Each participant will receive a HK$100 LANDMARK gift certificate upon attending a workshop.

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