A Summer Sojourn in Style

JUL 19, 2017

Adopt these wild and wonderful style trends to put your passion for fashion on display and make a style statement this summer.

Summer is normally associated with shorts, t-shirts and sunnies, but a few of the trends this year break with tradition. When you are packing your holdall for your holidays this year, branch out and show a fun and different side to yourself. A new hat, neckerchief, and baggy trousers are just a few of the style staples running the catwalks this season. But whatever you do, leave that socks and sandals trend behind.

Embrace the Bucket Hat
If you thought you’d seen the last of the bucket hat, you were wrong. It has made a comeback this summer. Easy to squeeze into your holdall, and providing essential sun protection, there’s little not to love. Fendi Men and Kenzo Homme are blazing the trail with printed and patterned styles, while Gucci has introduced a waxed version suited to any inclement weather.

Must-have Mules
To accompany last season’s pyjama look, mules and slippers are in style for summer, most commonly seen at Gucci. Go one step further and embrace Fendi Men’s two-in-one shoe with fold-down back. The heel is made from supple leather that can fold under foot, allowing it to double up as both loafer and mule. It’s the perfect space-saving shoe solution that screams style too.

Super short shorts
Men can finally enjoy getting a full leg tan this summer with the controversial comeback of short shorts a la 1980s style runners. They are no longer a fashion no-go: all they require is the appropriate fit – short doesn’t necessarily mean tight. Look to Kenzo Homme, Fendi Men, Gucci or Louis Vuitton to show you how it’s done.

Baggy trousers
Baggy trousers make a triumphant return for summer. Men’s fashion week saw Giorgio Armani and Fendi Men models strut their stuff in them, while Neil Barrett and Paul Smith also presented in vogue versions. A tough look to pull off, they are best worn with a T-Shirt and a pair of brogues with no socks. Perfect for the summer heat, they are guaranteed to be more comfortable and cooler than the super skinny jean trend that is potentially now on its way out.

Hankering for Neckerchiefs
With neckerchiefs emerging on the catwalks, it’s no surprise that they have become a fashion essential for men this summer. Whether it’s a bandana or handkerchief, the place to wear it is around your neck – a great way of adding that little something extra to your outfit, whilst maintaining a carefree, laid-back beach-ready look. Louis Vuitton nailed the neckerchief.

Not this summer
That socks-and-sandals trend keeps returning to the catwalks, but why defeat the point of the summer shoe whose design is to help keep you cool in the heat?

Holidays are the perfect time to be adventurous and a try new look – and there are many quirky styles to choose from this summer at LANDMARK.