Nature, Art, and Exclusive Surprise

MAR 27, 2019

What happens when art, nature and fashion collide? Visit our Nature in Motion exhibition, running till 14 April at LANDMARK ATRIUM. A first for Hong Kong, LANDMARK and FENDI bring together the dual installation 'Meadow' and 'The Shapes of Water' to celebrate the incredible power of nature.

“‘A Year of Play’ is off to an unforgettable start! This month, LANDMARK is celebrating the intersection of nature, art, colour and movement with its ‘Nature in Motion’ exhibit. On display at the iconic LANDMARK ATRIUM fountain until 14 April, this specially-curated dual exhibition features LANDMARK’s ‘Meadow’ and FENDI’s 'The Shapes of Water'.

Find inspiration and grace in Studio Drift’s ‘Meadow’ installation. Suspended from the ceiling of LANDMARK ATRIUM, the kinetic sculpture of colourful mechanical flowers plays with light for an ethereal, poetic result.

"Like everything that is alive, ‘Meadow’ functions only as a group, not one flower works alone,” explained Ralph Nauta, co-founder of Studio Drift. “Together they are one big living organism, reacting to the space and reaching out to touch the public, making the passers-by, for a short moment, wander in nature.”

Fluid and mesmerising, FENDI’s ‘The Shapes of Water’ fountain installation series is another showstopper. Designed by acclaimed New Zealand-based Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, the series of installations takes inspiration from the brand’s 10 most iconic symbols.

One of the installations is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Peekaboo Bag, which FENDI celebrated in 2018. Sabine Marcelis cast moulds from the bag to create a reproduction in resin and the sculpture sits on a bed of water surrounding it.

Eyeing this iconic bag for your arm? In honour of Nature in Motion and this unique collaboration with FENDI, LANDMARK released a limited-edition design of the Peekaboo Bag in five stunning colours, three of which are world-exclusives. Created by FENDI creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi, the unique designs can be found in store and via our Style Concierge on the LANDMARK HONGKONG app, till 14 April.

Snap up a limited-edition world-exclusive FF Glass Peekaboo Handbag at FENDI LANDMARK.

Throughout the Nature in Motion exhibition, earn extra BESPOKE rewards points! Reserve any items through LANDMARK Style Concierge during the period to receive up to 9,000 BESPOKE points. BESPOKE members purchasing any FENDI items will earn double BESPOKE points.*

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