Second Nature

It's time to go green - the experts reveal their practical tips on how - and why - to eat better, detox, indulge without guilt and just be gentler on yourself and the planet.

1. Join the revolution
The Food 2.0 Revolution, that is. This lifestyle movement is set to transform the way we eat, produce and think about food by promoting a responsible plant-based diet. "Global meat consumption has doubled in the past two decades and is forecast to further double by 2050. Producing livestock is extremely inefficient, using up huge amounts of resources," says Green Common's Vivian Tse. "If this trend isn't stopped, we will have a global food crisis within the next 30 years."

2. Take it one day at a time
"While convincing the world to go vegetarian full-time might be a tall order, getting people to commit to a day of plant-based eating is achievable," says Tse, referring to Green Monday, Green Common's social initiative, which promotes sustainable living and encourages people to give up meat once a week. "By simply switching to a plant-based diet for at least one day per week, we can reduce 1.5 tons of carbon emissions and save more than 450 animals in one year."

3. Choose wisely
Whether or not you choose to go vegetarian, one of best ways to clean up your diet and care for the environment is to opt for organic. "The general rules of thumb to look out for when choosing organics are reliability, branding and reputation, product certification, and a transparent process that helps consumers make the best choice in line with their threshold," says Garry Hunt of wellness lifestyle store Verde Organic.

4. Green your skincare routine
What we put in our body may be of utmost concern, but don't forget that the skin is your body's largest organ and absorbs up to 60 per cent of anything applied to it - including the thousands of toxic chemicals used in most personal care products. Make the switch to non-toxic skincare . But as Brenda Lee of N°8 Organic Spa by BEYORG recommends, "Go to a reputable shop because they've done the research for you. Then start with one or two products and see how you like it."

5. Reset the system
Detox the modern way: L ose weight, reduce cravings, improve digestion and nourish your entire body with tasty cold-pressed juice cleanses. Catch Juicery offers cleanses lasting from one to six days comprised of 100 per cent organic ingredients ranging from kale and cucumber to spirulina and bee pollen.

6. Indulge without the guilt
You've done your detox and decided to ditch gluten, dairy and refined sugar for good. But that doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite treats. Specialist bakery The Cakery offers indulgent baked goods and other delights perfect for those on restricted diets. The Cakery also has an organic cupcake series with rich buttercream toppings.

7. Live in the moment
The biggest buzzword in wellness these days? Mindfulness, or keeping one's awareness in the moment. "A simple yet effective exercise to develop mindfulness is a meditation practice," says Charlotte Tsuei, founder of Caelum Greene. "Breathing exercises are a great tool in connecting with the body. When you're feeling stressed, make an effort to take long, deep breaths and allow yourself to experience the situation without judgment."

8. Dress for success
"It's important to educate oneself on the impacts of the [fashion] industry and our current buying habits on the planet and other communities," says Tsuei, who stocks items such as T-shirts from Neutral and yoga gear from Manduka that are sourced or manufactured sustainably and ethically. "I would highly encourage steering clear of fast fashion products as much as possible."

9. Stretch it out
Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise, but the wisdom behind this ancient practice makes it increasingly relevant in today's fast-paced world. Nadine Bubner - an instructor at The Oriental Spa, which has a newly revamped yoga, fitness and Pilates programme - advises starting with Hatha yoga first: "Getting the basics right will assure you get all the benefits of a regular practice - stronger and more mobile joints, core and breath awareness - while minimising the risk of injury."

10. Strike a balance
Whichever path you choose, don't lose sight of the big picture. "Finding balance is a very personal thing - there's no specific scorecard," says Verde Organic's Hunt. "It doesn't matter if you eat all the right things if you don't stay active, can't get enough rest and are not giving sufficient attention to your inner self too."