A Change of Pace

APR 17, 2019

In the months leading up to a major renovation at SEVVA, owner Bonnae Gokson partnered with renowned Belgian interior designer Gert Voorjans to bid celebrate this special space by giving it a radical transformation.

Widely known as a figure of reinvention, Bonnae Gokson has inhabited many roles over her career: designing fashion boutiques for elder sister Joyce Ma’s Joyce Group; spearheading Chanel’s regional communications before diving into the dining scene with fine-dining restaurant and bar SEVVA, which was quickly followed by the opening of Ms. B’s Cakery and C’est La B.


Now, as it enters its 11th year of operation, SEVVA is itself due for a major reinvention to revitalise its interiors over a months-long process. While she is reluctant to reveal too much of what she has planned or when we can expect to see it, Gokson assures the chandelier-laden Bankside dining room will remain untouched to better accommodate her regulars, who dine there up to three times a week.

Sevva’s Bankside Dining Room


In a final farewell, Bonnae recruited a longtime friend, the Belgian interior design powerhouse, Gert Voorjans, to transform the restaurant’s vivid interior into an even more flamboyant display of Voorjans’ eccentric aesthetic, for a pop-up to welcome Art Basel attendees last month.


As a result, the restaurant was decorated in an explosion of linens and passementeries, silks and damasks inspired by coral reefs and the Amalfi coast, which Voorjans produced in collaboration with famed fabric mill Jim Thompson and adorns every surface of the restaurant’s interior, from the cushions and lampshades to silk screens in between each window. “This is all about nature, opticals and flowers. It’s like a rooftop garden, a little oasis” says Voorjans.


That same visual fervour will carry on into SEVVA’s new design. But for now, the details are strictly under-wraps, and will finally be unveiled in September. When asked to reflect on her restaurant’s impressive tenure, Bonnae says: “SEVVA will always have its own class. It’s not just a restaurant but a place of lifestyle. I’m always looking for the new, and you can find so many transformations here.”