Stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong’s breath-taking skyline in the heart of the city.

Pronounced ‘savour’, meaning to experience a taste, S E V V A by Bonnae Gokson is a unique and quintessentially Hong Kong dining experience. The name is inspired from the Sanskrit word ‘SEVA’, meaning to contribute. S E V V A delivers a dining experience inspired by what Gokson calls ‘the DNA’ of Hong Kong – traditional regional Asian cuisines intermixed with Western fine dining, and overlaid with her own travels and experiences. SEVVA is not only a restaurant or bar, it is in a class of its own, oozing warmth, comfort and a truly luxurious lifestyle. SEVVA draws a clientele from all prominent circles of society - professionals, celebrities, artists, political figures, tai tais, businessmen and many international figures including President Bill Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, Sting and Robert DeNiro have all wined and dined at SEVVA.

8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA
ZUMA Restaurant
The Square