Taste the future - experience wholesome and sustainable plant-based dining

Green Common, a pioneering plant-based concept store with casual dining and shopping, is revolutionizing the way we eat that is good for ourselves, good for humanity and good for the planet.

Located in Alexandra House The Landmark, Green Common introduces its first café that provides innovative fusion plant-based meal choices and grab-n-go food items throughout the day. For our brewed coffee and tea, almond milk is introduced as a non-dairy alternative. Our market offers an extensive selection of healthy snacks, staple foods, as well as body care and household products. People with special dietary needs such as organic, gluten-free, non-dairy, and raw food will surely appreciate the variety offered at Green Common.

With our free water refill, reusable bag recycling station, and offering of free recipes, Green Common implements numerous social elements that aim to inspire a holistic and sustainable mindset and lifestyle. This Alexandra House location is guaranteed to become a hub for green foodies and health lovers.

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