LANDMARK BESPOKE salon opening promotion 2019

Terms and Conditions


1.    Customers who make purchase of HK$5,000 or more by electronic payment in a single or multiple transactions (as recorded in one or multiple machine-printed receipts) at any retail outlets subject to a minimum spending of HK$100 in each receipt in LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK PRINCE’S, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER, Exchange Square, Jardine House, or The Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Amber, MO Bar, Please Don't Tell Bar, SOMM, Sushi Shikon and The Oriental Spa only) between 25th October 2019 and 30th November 2019, both days inclusive (“promotion period”) AND join the LANDMARK BESPOKE programme, are entitled to redeem the below reward according to the level of reward points specified below.


Point level

Amount of LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates/ Gift Certificates (“Gift Certificates”) entitled

1,000,000 or above

HK$20,000 or above

200,000 - 999,999

HK$3,400 or above

10,000 - 199,999

HK$130 or above


HK$50 or above


^ LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates/ Gift Certificates:

(1)   The amount entitled will be calculated by multiplying the point level by the applicable reward ratio below and then rounded down to the nearest HK$10.

Point level

Reward ratio

1,000,000 or above


200,000 – 999,999


10,000 – 199,999




(2)   All combinations of Gift Certificates are predefined.

(3)   LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates/ Gift Certificates can only be eligible for use in the “Participating Merchants” and sent through the LANDMARK Bespoke programme.



Please refer to the terms and conditions of the LANDMARK BESPOKE programme at 


      * BESPOKE reward points: Every HK$1 qualified spending at LANDMARK corresponds to 1 BESPOKE reward point.


2.    To participate in the gift redemption, it is a condition that customers must join the LANDMARK BESPOKE programme and provide their names, contact phone number, email address, mailing address and other required information for the purpose of registration and verification.  The name printed on the relevant receipts and the corresponding electronic payment slips for the gift redemption must be the same as the name of the eligible LANDMARK BESPOKE customer registered or to be registered.


3.    Simply personally present or register through the LANDMARK Mobile App within the promotion period the original and eligible machine-printed receipt(s) and corresponding electronic payment slips (Credit card/EPS payment slip counterfoil) with a matching spending amount to each of the sales receipts from transactions made within the promotion period at redemption counter located at Shop 214A, LANDMARK ATRIUM or (for customers who make purchase of HK$100,000 or more at one single transaction at BESPOKE salon at 2/F, LANDMARK CHATER), from 10am to 8:30pm daily between 25th October and 30th November 2019, and personally visit the redemption counter for redeeming the designated instant reward(s). The receipt(s) will be stamped after registration. Stamped receipt(s) will not be accepted for further registration and redemption. Cash and Octopus payments are not accepted. Receipts of any of the following are NOT accepted: Reprinted or photocopied or duplicated receipts, standalone electronic payment receipts, hand-written receipts, or deposit receipts, damaged receipts; receipts for the purchase of any gift vouchers, coupons, merchant vouchers or credit notes or deposit notes or payments on accounts or any equivalent notes of pre-payment, stored-valued cards or any value added to the stored-valued cards; receipts processed as internet purchases, mail/ fax/ phone orders, charity donations; receipts issued in respect of a transaction that has subsequently been refunded or withdrawn or cancelled or falsified or unauthorized or fraud or abuse or unsettled or forged or fraudulent transactions; receipts for charity donations, bank services; receipts showing only a payment of deposit or partial payment.


4.    Subject to successful joining of the LANDMARK BESPOKE programme, only customers with accumulated purchase at HK$5,000 or more are allowed to register for the Gift Redemption.  Accumulation of receipts for the purchase subject to a minimum spending of HK$100 in each receipt to come up with a total spending at HK$5,000 or more will be accepted. 


5.    Existing registered LANDMARK BESPOKE customers can redeem the LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates/Gift Certificates using their current valid accumulated points in their accounts. LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates/Gift Certificates can only be redeemed with minimum of 5,000 points or more in each time of redemption.


6.    Customers will receive an additional HK$10,000 LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates/Gift Certificates (One HK$5,000 and five HK$1,000 gift certificates, combination cannot be changed) upon spending HK$500,000 or above on any single day between 25th October and 30th November 2019. Each customer can enjoy this offer once only.


7.    Customers newly sign up through the LANDMARK Mobile App between 25th October and 30th November 2019 (both days inclusive) can receive HK$50 LANDMARK E-Gift Certificates. Each customer can enjoy this offer once only.


8.    All designated instant reward(s) cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or other products or services.


9.    Once customer has redeemed the designated instant reward(s), no exchange, replacement or return will be allowed.


10. Hongkong Land reserves the right to scan or copy shoppers’ machine-printed receipts for internal reference only.


11. All customers must redeem the designated instant reward(s) in person. Sales personnel are NOT allowed to redeem any reward(s) on behalf of the customers.


12. All customers shall provide their name, contact phone number and email address during redemption for the purposes of verification and sending notification of the receipt of the reward(s) to the customers.


13. Hongkong Land shall not be responsible to customers or any other party for any loss, damage, claim or cost whatever and howsoever arising in respect of the redemption or using of any of the reward(s).

14. All questions or disputes shall be resolved by Hongkong Land in its absolute discretion. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Hongkong Land shall be final.


15. Personal Data Protection:

15.1 For the purposes of this promotion, Hongkong Land needs to collect personal data from the customers. Failure to provide personal data as requested will result in Hongkong Land being unable to process or accept the redemption.


15.2 With customers’ consent, their personal data and information collected will also be used for the purposes of Hongkong Land’s marketing campaigns, including but not limited to service surveys and communication of promotion materials relating to the goods, services and activities of Hongkong Land and its tenants, licensees and business partners.


15.3 The information collected will be kept confidential but Hongkong Land may provide the customers’ information to its promotional partners, any agent, adviser, personnel, contractor or service provider who provides services or advice to Hongkong Land in connection with its marketing campaigns and the customers may choose not to receive any marketing materials from them after they have contacted the customers. Hongkong Land may also disclose the information collected to any person to whom Hongkong Land is required to make disclosure under the laws of Hong Kong.


15.4 In future, if the customers would like to update or change any of their personal data, or if the customers do not wish to receive such promotional materials from Hongkong Land, please send the request to the Head of Marketing and Communications Department of Hongkong Land through any one of the following channels:


Address: 8/F, One Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong


16. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.


LANDMARK e-gift certificate participating merchants:

(Merchant list may need to be updated due to tenancy movement)