Sir Catchick Paul Chater (Bust)

artist picture
Chu Tat Shing


Chu Tat Shing is a celebrated sculptor whose artworks have been shown at several prestigious exhibitions including the Chinese National Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition, Hong Kong Sculptors Association Exhibition and the 14th Asian Fine Arts Exhibition to name a few.

Chu Tat Shing was born in Hubei, Wuhan in 1942. Studying at the Department of Sculpture of the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts under the guidance and teaching of Zhang Zu Wu, he developed his skills and eventually stayed on to become an instructor.  In 1978, at the end of the Cultural Revolution, Chu was admitted onto a postgraduate programme at the Department of Sculpture of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts.  

After graduating, he moved and eventually settled in Hong Kong, actively engaging with the local art community as a sculptor and teacher.  With a view to promoting the art of sculpture in Hong Kong, Chu regularly conducts talks and workshops at the city’s museums and schools.  His sculptures can be found all over Hong Kong from here at Chater House to many other popular public locations including Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Park and the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum.

This bust sculpture, which is on permanent display in this building, was created by Chu Tat Shing in memory of Sir Catchick Paul Chater.  Sir Chater was one of Hong Kong’s most legendary businessmen and one of the founders of Hongkong Land.  Sir Chater was instrumental in helping to set up some of today’s most recognisable companies including The Dairy Farm Co. Ltd. and The Hong Kong Electric Co. Ltd.  He was a driving force behind the reclamation of Victoria Harbour and was pivotal in the colonial government’s success in many land development projects. This statue by Chu Tat Shing pays tribute to a true Hong Kong visionary.