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Hong Viet Dung


Graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts College in 1984, Hong Viet Dung is a member of the Vietnam Association of Visual Artists and the Hanoi Association of Art and Literature. He has participated in many international and national fine art exhibitions and his works can be found at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Singapore Art Museum and numerous private collections around the world.

Dung has participated as a member of the “Hanoi’s Gang of Five” at international group exhibitions since 1990 and received high acclaim as one of the most promising and talented contemporary Vietnamese artists. Whether his subject matter is that of figures, landscapes or still life, overriding themes recur in his work. His timeless zen-like figures and landscapes in silhouettes merge with the surrounding background in harmony and peace. Streamlined and surrealistic, his paintings portray feelings associated with serenity, quietude and an uncluttered world. It is perhaps this simplicity of form and colour that gives his work an enduring and timeless quality.

“Empty spaces create mood and poetry. I am most fascinated by this oriental approach to simplicity which I apply to my paintings.” - Hong Viet Dung