Urban Bakery Works is a hip and urbane café inspired by London's Borough market, it is a lab and playground where our Urban bakers & chefs experiment their creativity to produce edible works of art in different formats. The concept - “Bakery Is Art” - is further illustrated by the ambience designed by the award-winning Joey Ho with a feature wall created by Portugal graffiti artist/sculptor VHILS as we strongly believe every piece of bakery is an actual art.

Urban Bakery Works staggers menus ranging from breakfast to lunch, tea time and even happy hours - bringing food to life using variety of different kind of fun, sexy, innovative and health foods that customers who appreciates life in Central look forward to not only refuel, but also to socialize with friends as this is the most unique and casual European dine-in within LANDMARK. Delicious and mouth-watering dishes aren't the only items on the menu at Urban Bakery Works. It also serve up an impressive artwork by two talented artists – VHILS and Joey Ho. The feature wall of VHILS and interior design by Joey Ho compliment the exclusive gourmet menus throughout the day in a relaxing, welcoming environment. With the concept “Bakery Is Art”, Urban Bakery Works pairs international art and local fine food to enhance diners' dining experience giving them a new and unparalleled union of traditional and modern European technique set in a chic and artsy environment. 

Pret A Manger
CIAK – In The Kitchen
Starbucks Coffee
Fuel Espresso (LANDMARK MEN)