A winding road to love

我得承认,对於爱情,我基本上一无所知。卖文为生的人,当然可以书写一两句关於爱情的美丽句子,甚至挥洒一篇动人的爱情故事,但我却非常抗拒为爱情下一个定义或是解释何谓爱情。 阅读更多


Gift aid

In a world fuelled by social media and celebrity culture, a gift is no longer simply to be cherished by the recipient - it is seen online by everyone they know, and gift giving today has become a public declaration of friendship and love. With such pressure on the bestower, is the thought that always counted now being discarded with the wrapping paper? 阅读更多


Hot right now

Rita打从开始,就知道自己的事业不应局限於音乐一方面,电影丶电视丶时装和慈善工作也需要兼顾。她一直想将自己变成一个品牌,通过各方面的努力打响名堂,然後利用自己的名气推出真正喜欢的音乐。 阅读更多