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Petit Bateau带来经典法式浪漫



A Long and Winding Road – Part I

The time is right to venture forth, never looking back at what might have been.

Lead the Pack

From hatcase to heels, blusher to binoculars – everything you need for a stylish sojourn

A Feast for the Eyes

A moment in the sun for Dolce & Gabbana's Carretto eyewear collection

Get on Board

Take style to the skies with a sleek suitcase filled with the finest fashion

A Long and Winding Road – Part II

There’s nothing like colouring the open road, where little is left behind and so much lies ahead.

Into Africa

Our wardrobes are filled with odes to Africa. Leopard-print shoes, beaded bags, bronze necklaces and tribal-print kaftans – all found inspiration in the colourful continent. Simply pair with a favourite black dress or t-shirt and jeans to add oomph. Striking and celebratory, African style is back on the catwalk this season, as raw and beautiful as ever

Queen of the Curve

已故建筑师Zaha Hadid为Georg Jensen设计的首饰系列,是她生前完成的最后一批创作之一。这些外型瞩目的首饰贯彻了其作品所展现的生命和风格,并体现了她「曲线女王」的特色,结构严谨但线条流畅,既刚亦柔。

Chasing rainbows

Colours collided on the spring/summer catwalks, and not least in the maximalist make-up worn by models. Why settle on soft, shadowy eyes and nude lips when you can leave minimalism behind and make multi-coloured fantasies come true?

Under your own steam

超级名牌LouisVuitton新推出的2016年早春系列手提袋,精致漂亮,足以让时尚潮流的追随者目眩神迷。系列当中的CitySteamer手袋,设计灵感来自品牌昔日的蒸汽船行李箱,外型时尚优雅,大小足够容纳书籍及纸张,出门旅行或出席会议两相宜,特别是上图这个在平滑的小牛皮上以人手喷上色彩的幻彩款式,每个都独一无二,足见品牌创作总监Nicolas Ghesquière深知如何在生意及时尚之间取得平衡。

Sky-high style

英国品牌Charlotte Olympia的Vreeland厚底高跟凉鞋线条优美,采用金属色蟒蛇皮和高级布料制造,向深懂打扮之道的知名时尚专栏作家Diana Vreeland致敬,让你站在时尚「高」地,脱颖而出。



“Nature always wears the colours of the spirit” Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Orange County's picturesque Laguna Beach in California, where blue skies meet bluer oceans and golden sand soaks up a yellow sun, the colours of nature are at their finest for showing off the most stylish spring selections.

A New Facet

Miracles of nature, for every 10,000 colourless diamonds discovered only one natural coloured diamond will be found. So forget the crystalline purity of the traditional gem: coloured diamonds are the true prize.

The bold and the beautiful

The season’s fashions are not for the faint hearted as designers target the confident, independent woman with a dress sense all of her own. Spring style goes bright for the individual, bold for the brave, and mixes and matches for standout originality.

Turning over a new leaf

Weighty tomes from fashionʼs big hitters have an enduring shelf life

I love NY

The Empire City has always been a magnet for the young, adventurous and fashion-forward. Here, two friends explore Manhattan in ruffles, sequins, leather, lace and show-stopping looks from the current collections

Gift aid

In a world fuelled by social media and celebrity culture, a gift is no longer simply to be cherished by the recipient - it is seen online by everyone they know, and gift giving today has become a public declaration of friendship and love. With such pressure on the bestower, is the thought that always counted now being discarded with the wrapping paper?

Sweet dreams

以「梦之碎片组成的奇异经验」为构想,新推出的Prada Olfactories系列包含十款中性香水,孽恋丶热浪和双重刺激等寓意大胆的名字勾起无限遐想。

Glam rocks

With a packed social calendar, the holidays are high time for a bit of sparkle and shine. Why stop at diamonds, pearls and platinum when you can create entire looks that pay tribute to the season’s glittering jewels?


《魔雪奇缘》热潮未退,2015年秋冬系列继续一片白茫茫,由Sarah Burton为Alexander McQueen设计的飘逸雪纺纱裙...

Festive tones for a festive season

Complete your party look with the season’s standout polishes.

We love little rock stars


When in Rome

Home to great monuments of civilisations past, the Eternal City is a capital of contrasts where the ancient and the modern worlds collide like nowhere else.

Grey matters

西班牙鞋履大师Manolo Blahnik最新推出的Espedal高鞋领麖皮高跟鞋,散发着蛇蝎美人的独特风韵。

Stars and stripes


On the Catwalk AW15

The ’60s Style Shift

Wild times


The making of an icon


Time locks

Hairstyles have defined eras: the beehive became a de facto symbol of the 1960s, and Jane Birkin’s fringed look an emblem of the 1970s.

Big bang






Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop and Look Around Once in a While You Could Miss It…

Combating the mediocre in men’s style


Groom Service


High Time for Haute Horology


Mind Over Matters

A Long and Winding Road – Part III

Hop in and hit the road in style

Grab a Holdall

Eyewear for every occasion and guys’ grooming basics for that weekend away

Pack a Punch

Go for bold and travel with bursts of brightness, stand-out prints and striking patterns

Time To Go


Combating the mediocre in men’s style

“A proper busted-up, faded, vintage safari shirt or jacket looks great as travelling garb”

High Time for Haute Horology




Combating the mediocre in men’s style

“Cool embroidered satins and silks are brilliant statement pieces and they are relatively wearable”

A strong look

色彩可以轻易让人脱颖而出,不同的颜色配搭,或缀以鲜艳夺目的配饰,都可以引人注意,令人眼前一亮,成为众人焦点。Fendi Men这个方便好用的鲜黄色手提袋,惹人瞩目,保证能够让你先「色」夺人,成为时尚潮流的带领者。黄色代表自信与创意,与思维和才智息息相关,因此在一身打扮上加点耀目的柠檬黄,能让人看来分外清新、精明,效果显著。

Colour Theory

Out of the wintry darkness and into spring light, men’s fashion bursts forth. Now is the time for the modern man to open his mind – and his wardrobe – to the vivid tones and vibrant prints that distinguish the season’s attire.

High time for haute horology

“If you thought choosing a watch was a black-and-white affair, think again”

True Colours

An act of passion

Take a banker turned actor, dress him in the latest menswear, commence photo shoot and what do you get?

High time for haute horology


Combating the mediocre in men’s style


A winding road to love


Combating the mediocre in men’s style


Foot work

巴黎鞋匠兄弟Pierre和Christophe Corthay总能满足形象别树一帜的男士们。

Hat tricks


High time for haute horology

“It often makes good sense to buy a contemporary version of a classic rather than an original”.

Divine intervention

Mankind’s need to place individuals and objects on a pedestal – from the ancient gods and religious relics to historic photographs and reality TV stars – is as old as civilisation itself. But what drives us to elevate the terrestrial to the status of icon?



#FashionForeword with Veronica Ferraro

网志The Fashion Fruit的创办人Veronica Ferraro,分享时装、健身和旅游心得,并谈到其未来动向。

Peter Marino

建筑师Peter Marino特立独行,作风和设计均以大胆破格著称,因此得到奢华品牌垂青, 并与超级富豪、著名品牌和艺术家等保持良久关系。

Tomas Maier

在高级时装的世界,有两种截然不同的路线:低调与炫目。后者可谓是过去15年的主流,品牌重点推出当季流行和充满特色的设计师产品,不仅有助销量,还能为本世纪的时装历史加添色彩,何乐不为。前者却是完全不同的取态,代表有Tomas Maier

My Life on a Plate with Mark Cho

于2010年与余朝锦创办男士服饰店The Armoury的石贤正,无时无刻都为了其服装店,从世界各地搜罗手工精细、真实而富有地方特色的男士服饰产品。对男士服饰素有研究的石贤正,喜欢设计和款式着重细节、做工精致的经典产品。

Queen Victoria

First finding fame as an irrepressible Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham has carved out an impressive second act in her career as a respected fashion designer, adding fortune and a following of new fans.

My Life on a Plate with Laura Cheung

张文盈在纽约修读室内设计,於伦敦取得美术及装饰艺术硕士学位,喜欢将昔日手工艺品翻新成适合现代家居的用品,创立自己的室内装修及生活时尚品牌Lala Curio,并於不久前在地太子开店。

FashionForeword with Tina Leung

Men’s style expert Eugene Tong talks to our fashion director about his unlikely career, a changing world and his style essentials


时尚界面临诸多难题:明星设计师离开品牌、众多时尚集团逐渐缩紧其副线品牌与产品、时装周的存在是否必要⋯⋯然而Tommy Hilfiger在四十年之后的今天依然屹立,并将继续昂首向前。



A conversation in black and white on … COLOUR

In the first of an ongoing series, we ask two experts in their respective fields about the role this issue’s theme – colour – plays in their chosen discipline. We talk to Candice Chan, founder and creative director of J. Candice Interior Architects, and Kai-Yin Lo, jewellery and accessories designer, art adviser and cultural historian, about the influence colour has on their lives and work.

Slimane Fit

In a world where fashion designers are celebrities, Hedi Slimane remains something of an enigma. The reclusive creative director of Saint Laurent is notoriously media-shy, rarely giving interviews. While most designers choose to base themselves in the bustling fashion capitals of Paris and Milan, he prefers the anonymity of sprawling Los Angeles. Yet despite his low profile, he continues to be one of the most talked about and influential designers of his generation.

My life on a plate with Yenn Wong

新加坡商人黄佩茵於2004年在香港开设第一家店,自此改变了香江餐饮业的面貌。最近,她在地广塲中庭开设地道泰国餐馆Mak Mak。

FashionForeword with Tina Leung

Style sensation Kristina Bazan talks to our fashion director about online stardom, music and what makes it all worthwhile

Trunk archives

巴黎是奢华的同义词,不过,许多自称巴黎品牌的却不是真正的花都制造。历史悠久的行李箱制造商Moynat於1849年开业,至今全部产品由设计到生产仍然在位於Rue Saint Honoré街的工作坊以人手制作。虽然公众对此可能一无所知,但Moynat是货真价实的少数巴黎名牌之一,说它是花都的代表亦不为过。Moynat以产品低调优雅为荣,认为产品本身就是最好的代言人。

Helen Ma

美容专家马梓咏将Evidens de Beauté带来香港之後,最近将目光转到与演员关之琳合作推出的全新身体护理品牌RK Beauty。

Jacqueline Chow


Maurizio Marinella

意大利高级领带制造商E. Marinella第三代掌舵人Maurizio Marinella,是名副其实西装革履的翩翩绅士。

Samuel Lee

任职投资银行的Samuel Lee不喜欢在公园散步,「我热爱越野跑,当中征服麦理浩径〔乐施毅行者以小组为单位进行的比赛〕是我最大的挑战。

Joyce Tam


Jaime Ku

Christmas may be the busiest time of year for Jaime Ku, managing partner of bar-and-restaurant group Buzz Concepts and cofounder of Buzz Agency, but it’s also the time for giving back and bringing happiness to others.

Anne Wang-Liu


Hot right now


#FashionForeword with Tina Leung

The multi-talented Margaret Zhang opens up to our fashion director about family, travel and the importance of time-management.

#FashionForeword with Tina Leung

Roger Vivier’s Bruno Frisoni talks to our fashion director about inspiration, aspiration and the power of now

Jolie good

Judged on her film career alone, few would argue that Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is worthy of the epithet “icon”.

Idol inspiration

初次接触Kim Jones的人,如果事先不知道他的身份,一定猜不出他是时装设计师,更遑论是全球着名时尚品牌Louis Vuitton男装部创作总监。

A time for heroes

Pop culture abounds with shape-shifting, gravity-defying superheroes, ready to save the world in a single swoop. In real life, heroes may be less fantastical but they are no less inspiring. We ask four of Hong Kong’s leading men - spanning the generations and sporting the highlights of the autumn/winter season - to share their icons with us.



Healthy Eating Choices at LANDMARK!

The desire for healthy and nutritious products that are also environmentally friendly is inspiring entrepreneurs to come up with innovative concepts.

Modern Minimalism




Opening Ending

New space, new spot for Dries Van Noten

美食无疆界 – Richard Ekkebus

With possibilities on the plate no longer limited by geography, two leading chefs talk about the culinary global village, the meandering road they take to inspiration, and going that extra mile for their guests – and for themselves

美食无疆界 – Umberto Bombana

With possibilities on the plate no longer limited by geography, two leading chefs talk about the culinary global village, the meandering road they take to inspiration, and going that extra mile for their guests – and for themselves

Turkish Delight

Devouring the delights of Turkey with a traditional bath and scrub

In Bloom

早就与时装品牌、达官贵人合作无间的知名艺术总监兼惜花人Jeff Leatham,最近「染指」地毯行业,与历史悠久、工艺精湛的地毯制造商携手,装点全球最显赫不凡的大宅府邸。他为太平地毯设计的Bloom系列,共有14款由羊毛和丝绸制成的地毯,用色大胆,以太平擅长的渐变色制造悦目的图案,走在上面,大有莲步生花的错觉。

By Design

The desire to escape while staying at home has inspired design that celebrates the simpler things in life

A Feast for the Eyes

Dining is a visual affair and science says that what our eyes tell us about the colours on our plate is at least as important as the flavours on our tongue. Colour, it seems, is a key ingredient in determining the pleasure we derive from any meal.

By Design

The rebel spirit of the Memphis studio banished Modernism and defined a decade. Now it’s back.

Opening Ending

Womenswear at Ralph Lauren

Tile time


Festive feasting

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” – EDITH SITWELL, Poet

Love bites

我们恋爱时身体会自行制造的化学混合物 — 苯乙胺 ,能令我们感觉飘飘然和兴奋。有趣的事,这种物质也存在於朱古力之中,难怪这种美食会被大众视为催情食物。

Kindred spirit

Absinthe – the emerald elixir beloved by poets, painters and the creatively minded – is enjoying a comeback.

Opening Ending

The latest at LANDMARK

Super Tuscan

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – GEORGE ELIOT, Author

Triumph of the spirit

Cognac connoisseurs are growing ever more sophisticated in their tastes.

Art of the noodle

Inextricably entangled in its culture, China can trace its relationship with noodles back four millennia. China Tang’s acclaimed executive chef Albert Au explains the appeal and shines a spotlight on some of the dishes that elevate the humble staple to gastronomic masterpiece.

Changing spaces

Joyce Wang, Hong Kong’s new design wunderkind, weighs in on redefining luxury.

Opening Ending

The latest at LANDMARK