Glow For It

It's time to go green - the experts reveal their practical tips on how - and why - to eat better, detox, indulge without guilt and just be gentler on yourself and the planet.

Object Manipulation

A Modern Fairy Tale

The wild and wonderful world of couture.

If you go down to the woods today…

Natural Selection

The time is right to slow down and head back to nature.


Model Claudia Schiffer makes her creative-directorial debut for cashmere brand TSE, unveiling a 40-piece womenswear collection for autumn/winter...

Slow Movement

The time is right to slow down and head back to grace.

Arts and Crafts

Thanks to the patronage of Chanel and its altruistic venture, Paraffection, fine artisanal crafts such as button-making, millinery and pleating, carried out by storied maisons, are enjoying a European renaissance.

Opening Ending

Classic French flair from Petit Bateau


Sleeping isn’t just for counting sheep; in fact, it’s the optimum opportunity to supercharge your skincare routine.

A Long and Winding Road – Part I

The time is right to venture forth, never looking back at what might have been.

Lead the Pack

From hatcase to heels, blusher to binoculars – everything you need for a stylish sojourn

A Feast for the Eyes

A moment in the sun for Dolce & Gabbana's Carretto eyewear collection

Get on Board

Take style to the skies with a sleek suitcase filled with the finest fashion

A Long and Winding Road – Part II

There’s nothing like colouring the open road, where little is left behind and so much lies ahead.

Into Africa

Our wardrobes are filled with odes to Africa. Leopard-print shoes, beaded bags, bronze necklaces and tribal-print kaftans – all found inspiration in the colourful continent. Simply pair with a favourite black dress or t-shirt and jeans to add oomph. Striking and celebratory, African style is back on the catwalk this season, as raw and beautiful as ever

Queen of the Curve

The late visionary architect Zaha Hadid’s striking jewellery collection for Georg Jensen was one of her final projects and is reflective of the life and style with which she imbued her work. Structural and sweeping, majestic yet embracing, the pieces embody the characteristics that lent her the enduring moniker Queen of the Curve.

Chasing rainbows

Colours collided on the spring/summer catwalks, and not least in the maximalist make-up worn by models. Why settle on soft, shadowy eyes and nude lips when you can leave minimalism behind and make multi-coloured fantasies come true?

Under your own steam

This gorgeous new tote from Louis Vuittonʼs cruise 2016 collection has had stylistas in a swoon. Inspired by steamer luggage from the brandʼs archives, the City Steamer is sleek and sophisticated. With space for all your books and papers, it belongs as much in the boardroom as on the boardwalk. This hologram version features colours sprayed onto smooth calfskin leather by hand, making each piece unique. Nicolas Ghesquière is taking care of business and style.

Sky-high style

Charlotte Olympiaʼs Vreeland platform sandals channel the style savvy of namesake Diana, the celebrated fashion columnist and editor who was always the best dressed. These sky-high, sculptured beauties are draped in metallic python and embellished with luxuriously twisted fabrics so you can stand tall in style.


Stacking of stones and jewels has never been so in style. With the flexible shapes, assorted golds and myriad coloured gemstones of Georg Jensenʼs Fusion Collection, layering up makes way for a host of different looks, whether you are mixing deep blue sapphires and vivid tsavorites with diamonds in white gold, or matching brilliant pink sapphires with a rich rose gold. Look lively and layer.

"Nature always wears the colours of the spirit” Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Orange County's picturesque Laguna Beach in California, where blue skies meet bluer oceans and golden sand soaks up a yellow sun, the colours of nature are at their finest for showing off the most stylish spring selections.

A New Facet

Miracles of nature, for every 10,000 colourless diamonds discovered only one natural coloured diamond will be found. So forget the crystalline purity of the traditional gem: coloured diamonds are the true prize.

The bold and the beautiful

The season’s fashions are not for the faint hearted as designers target the confident, independent woman with a dress sense all of her own. Spring style goes bright for the individual, bold for the brave, and mixes and matches for standout originality.

Turning over a new leaf

Weighty tomes from fashionʼs big hitters have an enduring shelf life

I love NY

The Empire City has always been a magnet for the young, adventurous and fashion-forward. Here, two friends explore Manhattan in ruffles, sequins, leather, lace and show-stopping looks from the current collections

Gift aid

In a world fuelled by social media and celebrity culture, a gift is no longer simply to be cherished by the recipient – it is seen online by everyone they know, and gift giving today has become a public declaration of friendship and love. With such pressure on the bestower, is the thought that always counted now being discarded with the wrapping paper?

Sweet dreams

Devised as “collages of uncanny experiences from partially remembered dreams”, the new Prada Olfactories collection comprises 10 unisex fragrances with such evocative names as Tainted Love, Heat Wave and Double Dare.

Glam rocks

With a packed social calendar, the holidays are high time for a bit of sparkle and shine. Why stop at diamonds, pearls and platinum when you can create entire looks that pay tribute to the season’s glittering jewels?


Frozen fever shows no signs of abating anytime soon, if the autumn/winter 2015 collections are any indication.

Festive tones for a festive season

Complete your party look with the season’s standout polishes.

We love little rock stars

As toddlers and tweens continue to steal the style spotlight from their celebrity parents, luxury brands from New York to Paris are scrambling to make miniature versions of their signature looks. Meet the new faces of high fashion.

When in Rome

Home to great monuments of civilisations past, the Eternal City is a capital of contrasts where the ancient and the modern worlds collide like nowhere else.

Grey matters

There’s a touch of the femme fatale in these high-collar pumps from Spanish stiletto master Manolo Blahnik’s new collection, Espedal.

Stars and stripes

Brogues and boyfriend jeans are still hot for autumn/winter 2015, but borrowing from the men needn’t mean dialing down the wattage.

On the Catwalk AW15

The ’60s Style Shift

Wild times

Wave goodbye to camouflage and say hello to every girl’s go-to neutral – the leopard print.

The making of an icon

Fashions may come and go, but some looks endure the passing of the seasons: a shoe, a dress, a shade of colour, a silhouette. In a world obsessed with newness they stand out as beacons from the past, lit to guide us through the style landscape by the legends who conceived them.

Time locks

Hairstyles have defined eras: the beehive became a de facto symbol of the 1960s, and Jane Birkin’s fringed look an emblem of the 1970s.

Big bang

Go large or go home is the mantra when accessorising.


The autumn/winter 2015 Paris shows featured make-up looks to suit the whimsy of every woman.

Ready for Action

The things every modern man needs for a fitter and healthier lifestyle

Sock Style

So much more than a simple staple, raise your sock game to compete in the style stakes

Style Rules for Modern Gents

Our rules on navigating today’s complicated world of men’s style, and how you can still let the individual inside shine

How to Look the Part for Art

The perfect picks from menswear’s sartorial world to party like you’re arty

High Time for Haute Horology

Daniels used to say that he became drawn to his craft when he first took the back off an old pocket watch as a boy, looked inside the mechanism “and saw an entire universe”.

Groom Service

Combating the mediocre in men’s style

Dressing up offers entrance into wondrous realms restricted only by imagination.


Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop and Look Around Once in a While You Could Miss It…

Combating the mediocre in men’s style

Meaningful trends such as the significance of tailoring are important or even era-defining

Groom Service

Have we reached ‘Peak Beard’? It’s the question that has been plaguing menswear magazines and blogs for a few seasons now, but still the beard, and its less heralded brothers the moustache and the sideburn, remain popular.

High Time for Haute Horology

While it’s true that we now have an array of devices at our fingertips that are ‘smart’ enough to tell us the time at any moment in any part of the world (while also telling us how many paces we’ve walked in a day and how many calories we’ve burned), the brilliance of the traditional watch remains undiminished.

Mind Over Matters

A Long and Winding Road – Part III

Hop in and hit the road in style

Grab a Holdall

Eyewear for every occasion and guys’ grooming basics for that weekend away

Pack a Punch

Go for bold and travel with bursts of brightness, stand-out prints and striking patterns

Time To Go

So, finally we have confirmation of the existence of gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of spacetime – and, with that, the first light of the dawn of intergalactic travel, and the slim (very slim) possibility of time travel. Imagine the possibilities: reliving past joys, correcting past mistakes and boldly coming back with those putdown lines that only ever seem to come to us after the event. In time, maybe a very long time, our descendants will demand to return to such pivotal moments.

Combating the mediocre in men’s style

“A proper busted-up, faded, vintage safari shirt or jacket looks great as travelling garb”

High Time for Haute Horology

The next time you stagger off a long-haul flight and squint into the midday sun as your body clock tells you that you should really be tucked up in bed, think back to 1884 – we’re not suggesting you’re that old, of course, but that was the year of the International Meridian Conference in Washington DC, at which the world was officially divided into 24 time zones, with each 15-degree zone east or west of the Greenwich Meridian decreed as representing one hour of time difference.

Tattoo Your Own Way – Stepping Out with Personal Style

This season, top designers and shoe brands are offering the road less travelled –quirky patterns to add your own personal touches.

Combating the mediocre in men’s style

“Cool embroidered satins and silks are brilliant statement pieces and they are relatively wearable”

A strong look

Colour blocking and adding accessories in arresting shades is an easy way to stand out from the crowd, and this handy sunshine-yellow man bag from Fendi Men will ensure you are a leading light in the style stakes. It catches the eye for all the right reasons. Yellow is symbolic of confidence and creativity, and the colour is associated with the mind and intellect. Adding a little lemon to your ensemble will ensure you always look sharp.

Colour Theory

Out of the wintry darkness and into spring light, men’s fashion bursts forth. Now is the time for the modern man to open his mind – and his wardrobe – to the vivid tones and vibrant prints that distinguish the season’s attire.

High time for haute horology

“If you thought choosing a watch was a black-and-white affair, think again”

True Colours

An act of passion

Take a banker turned actor, dress him in the latest menswear, commence photo shoot and what do you get?

High time for haute horology

“A watch is nothing if not an expression of the maker’s love for his or her craft”

Combating the mediocre in men’s style

“Gifting in a relationship is often a far from joyous experience. In fact, it’s a minefield”

A winding road to love

I confess to knowing virtually nothing about love. As a writer, I might be able to turn a fine sentence or two, perhaps tell a decent tale, on the subject, but I am loath to conjure a definition or proffer an explanation.

Combating the mediocre in men’s style

Era-defining hairstyles of the past are not always appropriated by future generations.

Foot work

For style as individual as you are, Paris-based brothers Pierre and Christophe Corthay always deliver.

Hat tricks

There’s a touch of the theatrical about menswear this season, and nothing says star style like a well-crafted hat.

High time for haute horology

“It often makes good sense to buy a contemporary version of a classic rather than an original”.

Divine intervention

Mankind’s need to place individuals and objects on a pedestal – from the ancient gods and religious relics to historic photographs and reality TV stars – is as old as civilisation itself. But what drives us to elevate the terrestrial to the status of icon?

My Life with Diane Nittke

Diane Nittke doesn’t believe in standard floral packages. Her brand, Ellermann Flower Boutique, specialises in stunning floral creations that are unique and, more often than not, personalised.

#FashionForeword with Valentine Vanesse

Parisian blogger Valentine Vanesse reveals how her blog Hello it's Valentine came about, and what in the fashion world is most important to her.

Street Style

Tattoo artist-to-the-stars Dr. Woo

With a signature style and delicate trademarks, Dr. Woo is a leading light in the movement that is seeing skin ink become one of the fashion world's most desirable accessories.

A Conversation in Black + White on Giving Back

We talk to two Hongkongers, Iran-born philanthropist Mahnaz Lee and actress Sharon Kwok about living a considered life and giving back to their communities.

#FashionForeword with Veronica Ferraro

Founder of The Fashion Fruit, style influencer Veronica Ferraro on fashion, fitness, travel and what the future has in store.

Street Style

Peter Marino

Peter Marino is unapologetically bold in both his persona and his designs. It is this approach that has helped the architect to dominate the luxury playing field, forging lasting relationships with billionaires, brands and artists alike.

Tomas Maier

There are two distinct approaches to luxury fashion ñ the quiet one and the loud one. The latter is what weíve seen most of over the past 15 years: a brand strategy based on iconic seasonal trends and instantly identifiable designer ware that has not only been the path to booming sales figures but has also coloured the course of fashion for most of this century. The former is entirely different. Enter Tomas Maier.

My Life on a Plate with Mark Cho

Mark Cho is always on the lookout for men’s clothing and accessories that are artisanal, authentic and will bring the flavour of a place to his menswear offering.

Queen Victoria

First finding fame as an irrepressible Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham has carved out an impressive second act in her career as a respected fashion designer, adding fortune and a following of new fans.

My Life on a Plate with Laura Cheung

At Lala Curio, founder Laura Cheung makes old crafts fashionable for contemporary living. Having trained as an interior designer in New York before completing a Master's in fine and decorative arts in London, Cheung launched her home decor and lifestyle brand and recently opened a store in Landmark Prince’s.

FashionForeword with Tina Leung

Men’s style expert Eugene Tong talks to our fashion director about his unlikely career, a changing world and his style essentials


With star designers quitting their posts, major houses jettisoning diffusion lines and the whole concept of fashion weeks coming under scrutiny, more than four decades on, Tommy Hilfiger still blazes a trail.

A Conversation in Black + White on Travel

In the second of our ongoing series of black + white conversations, we hear from two prominent Hongkongers about the role travel plays in their lives.

A conversation in black and white on … COLOUR

In the first of an ongoing series, we ask two experts in their respective fields about the role this issue’s theme – colour – plays in their chosen discipline. We talk to Candice Chan, founder and creative director of J. Candice Interior Architects, and Kai-Yin Lo, jewellery and accessories designer, art adviser and cultural historian, about the influence colour has on their lives and work.

Slimane Fit

In a world where fashion designers are celebrities, Hedi Slimane remains something of an enigma. The reclusive creative director of Saint Laurent is notoriously media-shy, rarely giving interviews. While most designers choose to base themselves in the bustling fashion capitals of Paris and Milan, he prefers the anonymity of sprawling Los Angeles. Yet despite his low profile, he continues to be one of the most talked about and influential designers of his generation.

My life on a plate with Yenn Wong

Having transformed Hong Kong’s culinary scene since her first project in the city in 2004, Singaporean entrepreneur Yenn Wong’s recently opened authentic Thai eatery Mak Mak, in Landmark Atrium.

FashionForeword with Tina Leung

Style sensation Kristina Bazan talks to our fashion director about online stardom, music and what makes it all worthwhile

Trunk archives

As befits a brand that takes pride in creating pieces of subtle and understated elegance, Moynat prefers to let the product do the talking.

Helen Ma

Beauty expert Helen Ma is perhaps best known for bringing Evidens de Beauté to Hong Kong.

Jacqueline Chow

Jacqueline Chow – whose great-grandmother, in 1926, was one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, where Chow is a member of the executive committee – has always cherished the generous spirit of Christmas.

Maurizio Marinella

Maurizio Marinella, third-generation owner of luxury tiemaker E. Marinella, was practically born in a suit and tie. But when he wants to relax, Marinella can usually be found in shorts and sneakers running along the beach in Naples.

Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee is not one for a leisurely stroll in the park. “Trail running is one of my passions,” says the investment banker.

Joyce Tam

As an executive director in private wealth management, Joyce Tam has a demanding career advising everyone from high-net-worth individuals to non-profit organisations.

Jaime Ku

Christmas may be the busiest time of year for Jaime Ku, managing partner of bar-and-restaurant group Buzz Concepts and cofounder of Buzz Agency, but it’s also the time for giving back and bringing happiness to others.

Anne Wang-Liu

Having lost loved ones to the disease, Anne Wang-Liu knows how difficult life can be for those affected by cancer.

Hot right now

Rita Ora has come a long way in her short career. A decade ago, at the tender age of 14, she was performing in her father’s London pub. Today she is on the verge of global superstardom, belting out a string of hits for packed houses around the world.

#FashionForeword with Tina Leung

The multi-talented Margaret Zhang opens up to our fashion director about family, travel and the importance of time-management.

#FashionForeword with Tina Leung

Roger Vivier’s Bruno Frisoni talks to our fashion director about inspiration, aspiration and the power of now.

Jolie good

Judged on her film career alone, few would argue that Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is worthy of the epithet “icon”.

Idol inspiration

On meeting Kim Jones for the first time you would never clock him as a fashion designer. That’s not to say the creative director for menswear at Louis Vuitton, the world’s biggest fashion house, isn’t engaging, charismatic and knowledgeable of his craft.

A time for heroes

Pop culture abounds with shape-shifting, gravity-defying superheroes, ready to save the world in a single swoop. In real life, heroes may be less fantastical but they are no less inspiring. We ask four of Hong Kong’s leading men - spanning the generations and sporting the highlights of the autumn/winter season - to share their icons with us.



Second Nature

It's time to go green - the experts reveal their practical tips on how - and why - to eat better, detox, indulge without guilt and just be gentler on yourself and the planet.

Opening Ending

Pairing past and present in a new Altfield Gallery.

“Whereas the beautiful is limited, the sublime is limitless”

Caviar, truffles, saffron, abalone, bird’s nest, wagyu beef. These highly prized – and highly priced – ingredients entice and intoxicate with seductive scents and intriguing flavours. And they are so much in demand that some are worth more than their weight in gold.


After years of simple Scandinavian design and decor, the pendulum is swinging to a more colourful, expressive and individual style. Decoration is experiencing a revival, with signs of a new-found appreciation for materials, personality and even a touch of frivolous fantasy ñ and it is all adding a welcome luxury and warmth to contemporary design.

Modern Minimalism

Think of minimalist design and what might spring to mind are the sterile, white-on-white interiors in glossy magazines. More recently, however, minimalism has evolved into a kinder, gentler form that does not necessarily mean an absence of design or comfort.

The Pace of Taste

Despite the speed of Hong Kong life, sometimes it pays to dawdle not dash, to savour rather than scurry ñ especially when it comes to great food. Preparation and longer cooking times can add layers of flavour and complexity to dishes.

The Pace of Taste

Despite the speed of Hong Kong life, sometimes it pays to dawdle not dash, to savour rather than scurry ñ especially when it comes to great food. Preparation and longer cooking times can add layers of flavour and complexity to dishes.

Opening Ending

New space, new spot for Dries Van Noten

Have Food, Will Travel – Richard Ekkebus

With possibilities on the plate no longer limited by geography, two leading chefs talk about the culinary global village, the meandering road they take to inspiration, and going that extra mile for their guests – and for themselves

Have Food, Will Travel – Umberto Bombana

With possibilities on the plate no longer limited by geography, two leading chefs talk about the culinary global village, the meandering road they take to inspiration, and going that extra mile for their guests – and for themselves

Turkish Delight

Devouring the delights of Turkey with a traditional bath and scrub

In Bloom

Acclaimed artistic director and florist extraordinaire Jeff Leatham has worked with fashion houses, dignitaries and celebrities. Most recently he turned his hand to carpets – and not just any carpets but those that grace the most distinguished abodes across the globe, created with know-how passed down from ancestral carpet-makers. Jeff Leathamʼs mesmerising Bloom collection for Tai Ping features 14 richly saturated wool and silk rugs, with bold, gradated hues – a hallmark of Tai Ping – forming pleasing shapes that burst forth beneath the feet.

By Design

The desire to escape while staying at home has inspired design that celebrates the simpler things in life

A Feast for the Eyes

Dining is a visual affair and science says that what our eyes tell us about the colours on our plate is at least as important as the flavours on our tongue. Colour, it seems, is a key ingredient in determining the pleasure we derive from any meal.

By Design

The rebel spirit of the Memphis studio banished Modernism and defined a decade. Now it’s back.

Opening Ending

Womenswear at Ralph Lauren

Tile time

Traditional patterns from imperial wares of the Qianlong Emperor’s reign have inspired Lala Curio’s Cloisonné Tile collection. The ancient artform saw metal-wired cloisons filled with vibrant enamels that were fired multiple times and then burnished and gilded in gold outlines. These intricate techniques are applied to home furnishings, lacquer boxes, leather trays and furniture, as well as tiles, each one of which is created by skilled masters who strive to keep their authentic craftsmanship intact and relevant. Join the cloisonné revival.

Festive feasting

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” – EDITH SITWELL, Poet

Love bites

Worshipped by the Mayans, embraced by 17th-century Europeans and adopted as a tool of seduction by Casanova himself, chocolate is nothing short of gastronomic magic. Here, a team of top chefs share their takes on the decadent dessert staple.

Kindred spirit

Absinthe – the emerald elixir beloved by poets, painters and the creatively minded – is enjoying a comeback.

Opening Ending

The latest at LANDMARK.

Super Tuscan

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – GEORGE ELIOT, Author

Triumph of the spirit

Cognac connoisseurs are growing ever more sophisticated in their tastes

Art of the noodle

Inextricably entangled in its culture, China can trace its relationship with noodles back four millennia. China Tang’s acclaimed executive chef Albert Au explains the appeal and shines a spotlight on some of the dishes that elevate the humble staple to gastronomic masterpiece.

Changing spaces

Joyce Wang, Hong Kong’s new design wunderkind, weighs in on redefining luxury.

Opening Ending

The latest at LANDMARK.