A winding road to love

I confess to knowing virtually nothing about love. As a writer, I might be able to turn a fine sentence or two, perhaps tell a decent tale, on the subject, but I am loath to conjure a definition or proffer an explanation. Read More


Gift aid

In a world fuelled by social media and celebrity culture, a gift is no longer simply to be cherished by the recipient – it is seen online by everyone they know, and gift giving today has become a public declaration of friendship and love. With such pressure on the bestower, is the thought that always counted now being discarded with the wrapping paper? Read More


Hot right now

Rita Ora has come a long way in her short career. A decade ago, at the tender age of 14, she was performing in her father’s London pub. Today she is on the verge of global superstardom, belting out a string of hits for packed houses around the world. Read More