Beauty's New Age - It's More Than Skin Deep

It’s time to take care of yourself from the inside out. Start with your beauty and wellness routine and visit the new and enhanced third floor of LANDMARK

Wisdom, in all its many forms, is about sharing knowledge and making our lives more interesting and fulfilling. And as LANDMARK celebrates A Year of Wisdom, we explore one of the essential qualities that shapes our thoughts, feelings and how we view the world: beauty.

Once upon a time, we were told that beauty was only skin deep. But times are changing. The unstoppable rise of wellness - an all-encompassing movement covering not only what we put on our faces but also what we eat, what we wear, and even how and where we travel - means that the idea of beauty no longer stops at our bathroom cabinets.

It also means that today's consumer demands high-quality and up-to-date goods and services. And that's where LANDMARK ATRIUM's new third floor comes in, offering everything needed to look and feel good - and even do good at the same time. The enhanced offerings bring together experts in their respective fields, and represent a major shift in the market.

Just ask Brenda Lee, founder of BEYORG, an independent boutique selling organic, natural beauty brands. When she opened her first store in 2005, it was a challenge explaining her concept to people. Today, she has launched her eighth store, N°8 Organic Spa by BEYORG, at LANDMARK ATRIUM. "People are becoming more conscious in general. The polluted environment, more toxins and celebrities promoting green causes certainly helps to educate the market."

Celebrities aren't just putting their face to big-name wellness brands, they're creating their own - from Jessica Alba's natural cosmetics range Honest Beauty to Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle and wellness website (and now skincare line) Goop. These arbiters of taste, who model cool yoga pants whilst sipping a spirulina smoothie, showcase a lifestyle for the world to see - and emulate.

"The biggest reason why people have become more health-conscious is simply that they are busier," says Charlotte Tsuei, founder of Caelum Greene, which stocks activewear and sustainable lifestyle accessories. "Health and wellness become more important as a result, to stay balanced and to live an optimised, happy life."

This growing interest is reflected in the data; the Global Wellness Institute estimates that the wellness industry is now worth US$3.7 trillion, or three times the pharmaceutical industry. "We are at a pivotal moment where people worldwide are taking steps to change the way they live, work and play," says chairman and CEO Susie Ellis.

Patrick Wang, director of Verde Organic, which specialises in organic, artisanal and healthy goods, agrees. "Though the wellness movement in Hong Kong is not quite as mature as other major metropolises, it is evolving quickly," he says. "People here are both driven and connected; it's no surprise that they're increasingly discerning about what they are putting into their bodies."

The wellness revolution highlights the fact that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand - and it's a lifestyle that experts believe is here to stay. With all the wellness offerings now available at LANDMARK ATRIUM, making the change has never been easier.

LANDMARK ATRIUM's third floor now offers an exclusive array of high-quality beauty and wellness specialists:

airplay blow dry bar: hair styling, make-up and nail services Shop 317 Tel: 2388 8179
Caelum Greene: athleisure fashion and accessories Shop 309A Tel: 2548 1827
Careyou Beauty: semi-permanent make-up Shop 311A Tel: 2857 6966
Catch Juicery: organic, cold-pressed juices Shop 303 Tel: 2568 5211
Fogal: leg wear, bodywear and knitwear Shop 308 Tel: 2526 1751
N°8 Organic Spa by BEYORG organic skincare and treatments Shop 301A Tel: 2723 3812
SHEER: luxury designer lingerie and swimwear Shop 310 Tel: 2388 2876
Smile Inc. Dental Surgeons: premium boutique dental services Shop 309 Tel: 3594 6161
Suavis Lash Couture: eyelash extensions Shop 311 Tel: 2772 6228
The Artistry health and beauty devices Shop 302 Tel: 2191 2615
The Cakery healthy baked goods Shop 301 Tel: 6683 3833
Verde Organic: organic food and lifestyle products Shop 318 Tel: 2529 3288

Explore the level of BEAUTY AND WELLNESS AT LANDMARK here.

Words by Rachel Read; Photography by Olivia Tsang; Fashion Director Justine Lee; Hair by Derek Li; Make-up by Marian Woo; Manicure by Pinky Ho. Model: Angelina @ Sun Esee Model Management