Wisdom at LANDMARK is more than just experience. Wisdom is about knowing, teaching, and sharing – between experts and beginners, old friends and new acquaintances, across generations. Wisdom is an ever-growing body of knowledge. It’s how we come to know the style, taste and craft that make our lives more interesting and fulfilling, costing little but meaning so much.

Welcome to A Year of Wisdom at LANDMARK.

World of Wisdom

‘Wisdom’ can be expressed in many forms. Each week we’ll reveal more sage wisdom from history's great thinkers and doers: From ‘Wisdom Is…’ illustrations by popular Hong Kong cartoonist Harry Harrison, to a wide variety of thought-provoking words from the world's most inspirational icons.



Share Your Own Words of Wisdom

Wisdom gathers over time, reflecting our own experiences and life lessons. Click here to share your own words of wisdom that have guided you and see more wise words from others.